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(Shares Wanted)
Item ID: 552
February 10th, 2020: Share Wanted - Please call 859.556.1949
Have never been a member but would like to join. Easier to be contacted through email, but will return a phone call. Price: 2000
Contact: Todd Calvert           Call: 859.556.1949         

Item ID: 554
February 10th, 2020: Wanting to purchase a membership
Contact: Becky Henry           Call: 859-595-3035         

Item ID: 565
February 10th, 2020: Shares wanted
Price: 1800
Contact: Ollie Brinegar           Call: 859-556-9321         

Item ID: 571
February 10th, 2020: Wanting 1 game club share
Contact: Jeremy McClanahan           Call: 8595852351         

Item ID: 589
February 10th, 2020: Would like to purchase one share
Price: 2000.00
Contact: Johnny Ayers           Call: 859-749-6525         

Item ID: 599
February 10th, 2020: Club share wanted.
I am looking for a share to purchase. Price: $2,000.00
Contact: Eric Dawalt           Call: 859-806-1089         

Item ID: 649
February 22nd, 2020: Share wanted
Price: $2,000.00
Contact: Paula Rogers           Call: 8597496778         

Item ID: 653
April 6th, 2020: Looking to purchase one share
Looking to purchase one share Price: 2100.00
Contact: Josh Akers           Call: 6064220465         

Item ID: 655
April 13th, 2020: Looking to purchase 1 share
Looking to purchase 1 share Price: Negotiable
Contact: Aric Porter           Call: 8594330236         

Item ID: 657
April 19th, 2020: Needed shares
Shares Price: $1500
Contact: roy chenault           Call: 8595225433         

Item ID: 659
May 12th, 2020: Share wanted
Price: Open
Contact: Dean Arnold           Call: 6613057776         

Item ID: 660
May 15th, 2020: I have a wounded warrior son, need a good place to take him to bank fish.
Price: $2,000.00.
Contact: Matt Richie           Call: 859-338-2026         

Item ID: 663
May 21st, 2020: Looking to purchase a share!
Price: $2000
Contact: William Davis           Call: 859-749-4409         

Item ID: 664
May 21st, 2020: Looking to Purchase.
Have retired and want to spend my days fishing. Price: $2,000.00
Contact: Michael Pennington           Call: 859-361-8729         

Item ID: 666
May 31st, 2020: Want to purchase a share
Price: 2500.00
Contact: Jeff Hall           Call: 859-595-8424         

Item ID: 668
June 8th, 2020: Looking to purchase share for family
Looking to purchase share for family
Contact: Bill Taulbee           Call: 8595561310         

Item ID: 671
June 30th, 2020: Looking for 1 share
I want a safe place to target shoot and fish. Price: $2000
Contact: Joseph Carrington           Call: 859-771-7338         

Item ID: 672
July 15th, 2020: Interested in purchasing share
Would love to buy a share to fish with my 5 and 3 year old sons. Thank you. Price: $2000 / negotiable
Contact: Dan Sheshull           Call: 859.595.8393         

Item ID: 674
July 26th, 2020: I, Arthur McKinley Antrim, would like to purchase a share in the Clark County Fish and Game Club. I
I am a retired Horseman, spending most of my time training young thoroughbred horses to race. spent my afternoons fishing , golfing, Hunting and am an excellent Archer. My wife and I Live on Grimes Mill Road. We are Christian and attend church whene Price: 2,000.00
Contact: Artie M Antrim           Call: 18592295442         

Item ID: 678
July 30th, 2020: Share wanted
Interested in purchasing a share
Contact: Kenneth Charles           Call: 859-437-0184         

Item ID: 681
August 26th, 2020: Looking for a place to spend time with my young family enjoying fishing and family time.
I have a 13 and 9 year old that love to fish . I have a membership at cedar creek quail club and really enjoy meeting new people . Looking for a share so I can enjoy my other hobby (fishing) besides birddogs. Price: 2250
Contact: Justin Stewart           Call: 8596212928         

Item ID: 683
September 21st, 2020: Wanting to buy a share for my family to hunt and fish.
I have 3 girls and introduced them to fishing and they love it. We would like to be a part of this club and get them waterfowling and dove hunting in the future. I also have a bird dog that loves the action. I am local. Thanks Price: Price negotiable
Contact: Daniel Throckmorton           Call: 9372442872         

Item ID: 694
December 20th, 2020: Share wanted
Would like to purchase a membership Price: Up to $2,000-$2,500
Contact: Bradley and Bobby Shook           Call: 859-644-2457         

Item ID: 695
January 2nd, 2021: Want to purchase a share
Would like to purchase a share mostly for fishing Price: $2000/nego
Contact: Harold Duvall           Call: 859-221-1932         

Item ID: 696
January 4th, 2021: Would like to buy a share
My name is Scott Taulbee. Iím 25 years old with a young family and would love to get in the club to have a nice place for my kids to grow up to hunt and fish. I would also fish and hunt myself. I have hunted since the age of 2. Price: 2,000
Contact: Scott Taulbee           Call: 8594325731         

Item ID: 697
January 5th, 2021: Wanting to buy a share
Would like to buy a share in the fish and game club. Price: 2000.00
Contact: John Toler           Call: 859-771-5007         

Item ID: 699
January 30th, 2021: Share wanted
I would like to purchase a share. Price negotiable. Price: 3000
Contact: Justin Parsons           Call: 8595763991         

Item ID: 705
March 14th, 2021: Want to join this awesome club...
I would love to join...I am semi retired...I love doing wildlife photography... Price: 2000.00
Contact: Susan B Laux           Call: 8594890089         

Item ID: 711
March 27th, 2021: Looking for membership
Looking for a quiet place I can fish on my own. Price: Negotiable
Contact: Anissa Martinez           Call: 2108355132         

Item ID: 713
April 2nd, 2021: Share needed
Want to buy a share
Contact: Derrick Leigh           Call: 8596135151         

Item ID: 716
May 1st, 2021: Would love to purchase a share
I would love to purchase a share to bring my kids fishing on a regular basis. I have heard great things about this club. Price: Totally Negotiable
Contact: Scott Nicholas           Call: 859-447-7004         

Item ID: 718
October 3rd, 2021: Want to purchase a membership
I would like to purchase a membership. The price is negotiable for me. I donít have a max number. Thanks Price: Negotiable
Contact: Mark Miller           Call: 8593337587         

Item ID: 720
May 30th, 2021: Looking to purchase 1 share for my family
Would like to purchase membership for my daughter and I. Price: $2500
Contact: Shawn Murphy           Call: 8598120223         

Item ID: 727
June 22nd, 2021: Would like to purchase a share for my family.
Need somewhere I can take my grandson and I have friends that have membership that says this is a good place to learn how to fish. Price: 2,000.00
Contact: Gary Campbell           Call: 859-808-0323         

Item ID: 735
August 3rd, 2021: Wanting to purchase share
Extremely interested in purchasing a share for this property Price: $1,500-$2,000
Contact: Bradley shook           Call: 859-644-2457         

Item ID: 737
August 4th, 2021: Share wanted.
Raised in Clark County and always wanted to be a member. If a share comes available please let me know. Price: Negotiable.
Contact: Todd Plummer           Call: 18596442841         

Item ID: 739
September 12th, 2021: Looking to purchase a share.
Would love to purchase a membership to be able to hunt and fish locally and have a place to take my son. Price: 2500
Contact: Jeff Condra           Call: 8597710572         

Item ID: 746
October 17th, 2021: Share Wanted
Interested in purchasing one share. Price: Price Negotiable
Contact: Mark Hounshell           Call: 859-771-9538         

Item ID: 750
December 3rd, 2021: Wanting to purchase a share
Price: Negotiable
Contact: Hiram stamper           Call: 8595565715         

Item ID: 754
January 6th, 2022: Share Wanted. Please call 859-509-0227
I would like to become an active member at the club.
I am a licensed engineer and land surveyor but enjoy the outdoors when I can. I am currently a board member for a few engineering organizations and would be interested in joining thig group.
Price: Negotiable
Contact: Ryan Stevens           Call: 8595090227         

Item ID: 761
June 14th, 2022: Share wanted
I Would like to buy a share in CCFG CLUB Price: 2300.00
Contact: Troy Clem           Call: 8596440492         

Item ID: 770
May 20th, 2022: Share wanted for fishing time with 6 kiddos
Looking for a share to have with my 6 kiddos. Price: Price Negotiable
Contact: Mindy Woods           Call: 8595953855         

Item ID: 771
May 22nd, 2022: Family interested in becoming share owner
I grew up here and now raising a family of my own. I have a 3yr old son and a 10mo old daughter and reside off McClure Rd. We would love the opportunity to be a member. Price: Open to discuss - negotia
Contact: Brianna Henry           Call: 859-749-9256         

Item ID: 772
May 26th, 2022: Looking for a membership for my father
Live here in Winchester. Looking for a membership for my father first and myself after. Long time hunters and conservationists. Would be awesome to hunt somewhere close to come Price: $3000-4000
Contact: Reagan Schlegel           Call: 8594944050         

Item ID: 774
June 18th, 2022: Share wanted
I am looking to purchase a share for myself and son so we can fish local. I have a friend that is a member and has nothing but great things to say about this place. If anyone is interested to sale please contact me text message or call would be the b Price: 2500
Contact: Mike Perkins           Call: 502-370-8369         

Item ID: 778
September 14th, 2022: Looking for share for family
Looking for a share for my family and I. I have a young family, that loves to fish. Looking make memories with my little daughter. Thank you! Price: Name your price
Contact: Anthony Ciambro           Call: 859-248-5540         

Item ID: 783
October 16th, 2022: 1
1 Price: 1
Contact: 1           Call: 1         
Email: 1

Item ID: 784
November 2nd, 2022: Share wanted!
I am looking to buy a share so my son and I can fish and possibly hunt. Please call or email with details. I live on Flanagan station rd. Thanks in advance Price: Up to you!
Contact: Bruce Huffman           Call: 8593977831         
Email: Air Handler

Item ID: 787
November 15th, 2022: 1
1 Price: 1
Contact: 1           Call: 1         
Email: 1

Item ID: 790
December 7th, 2022: Share Wanted
Marine Veteran and local Police Officer looking to buy a share. Please call, text or email to discuss. Price: Negotiable
Contact: Jesse Harris           Call: 8595763722         

Item ID: 791
December 15th, 2022: 1
1 Price: 1
Contact: 1           Call: 1         
Email: 1

Item ID: 792
January 8th, 2023: looking to purchase one share.
Contact: Wallace Harrison           Call: 859-749-6730         

Item ID: 793
January 19th, 2023: 1
1 Price: 1
Contact: 1           Call: 1         
Email: 1

Item ID: 794
January 22nd, 2023: #2
Price: ****
Contact: #2           Call: #2         
Email: #2

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