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Monday, July 11th, 2022
July Board Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2022

• President Kerr called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM

• Directors present: Lee Kerr, Ernie Sammons, Randy Ballard, Greg Elkins,
Stephanie Brock, Allen Howard, Bill Thiry, Jim Fluty and Larry Disney, Craig Vaughn,
John Myers and Jonathon Campbell.

• Greg Elkins read the minutes for the June 13, 2022, meeting.
Jonathon Campbell motioned to approve the minutes as read.
Craig Vaughn seconded the motion.
The motion carried 12 – 0.

• Ernie Sammons presented the Treasurers report for June 2022.
Craig Vaughn motioned to approve the report as presented.
Allen Howard seconded the motion.
The motion carried 12 – 0.

• Bill Thiry presented the Registrar’s Report for June 2022.
No action was taken.

• Chris Dixon gave a Caretaker Report.
He noted that the new mower had been delivered.
Also noted for the minutes that Lee Kerr and him recently treated the lake with
Bluestone for algae control.
No action was taken.

• Lee Kerr noted that we had received two bids for sealing the driveway and parking lot.
He noted that the low bid was for $8,360.00
Allen Howard made a motion to accept the low bid.
Craig Vaughn seconded the motion.
The motion carried 12 – 0.

• Lee Kerr updated the Board on the need for road repairs at the Estill County Farm.
He intends to get an estimate for the repairs and get Board approval to proceed.
No action was taken.

UPDATE 7/18/22: Lee conveyed the estimate for the road repairs via email to the Board
members. The estimate is as follows:
Work needed approximately 10 hours
Operator rate per hour $100.00
Stone for road is 2 loads at $600.00 per load.
The Board voted by email to approve the work of repairing the road at the Estill County
Allen Howard Yes
Larry Disney Yes
Greg Elkins Yes
Randy Ballard Yes
Ernie Sammons Yes
Craig Vaughn Yes
Bill Thiry Yes
Jonathon Campbell Yes
Lee Kerr Yes
John Myers Did Not Vote
Jim Fluty Did Not Vote
Stephany Brock Did Not Vote

• The Board entertained a motion by Bill Thiry to authorize Lee Kerr to offer Jason
Freeman the position of liaison for the Estill County Farm, which includes both the
house tenant and the Land Lessee, for the Board of Directors.

Randy Ballard seconded the motion.
The motion carried 12 – 0.

• Craig Vaughn made a motion to adjourn.
Jonathon Campbell seconded the motion.
The motion carried 12-0.
The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Minutes by Greg Elkins, Secretary

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