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Monday, May 9th, 2022
May Board Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2022

• President Kerr called the meeting to order at 7:14 PM

• Directors present: Lee Kerr, Randy Ballard, Larry Disney, Craig Vaughan,
Stephanie Brock, John Myers, Allen Howard, John Campbell, Bill Thiry, Jim Fluty
and Ernie Sammons.
Greg Elkins was absent.

• Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

• Prayer was led by Lee Kerr.

• Larry Disney, acting as Secretary in the absence of the club Secretary Greg Elkins,
read the minutes for the April 2022 meeting.
Allen Howard motioned to approve the minutes as read.
Bill Thiry seconded the motion.
The motion carried 11 – 0.

• Ernie Sammons gave a recap of the budget, but explained he has been extremely busy
in work and would send the Treasurers Report, and have it at the next meeting.
No action was taken.

• Bill Thiry presented the Registrar’s Report for March 2022.
No action was taken.

• Bill Thiry gave a report on the Youth Fish Day.
No action was taken.

• Request from the floor by Ms. Diane Smith to speak on a Youth Fish Day sponsored
by Winchester Bait & Tackle on June 11, 2022 from 8:00am until 1:00pm. Those
attending will be fed lunch. Joe Eggen has the Clubhouse booked on that date, it
was explained that would not be an issue because tents, porta-potties will be made
Motion by Ernie Sammons to approve, second by Stephine Brock.
Vote was unanimous, 11-0.

• Lee Kerr gave an update on taking bass from the Lake. Large Mouth 14” and under,
6-per day creel limit, beginning May 9, 2022 ending March 1, 2023. Bill Thiry will
secure the signage with limits, etc.
No action necessary.

• Report by John Myers. Bat wing gear shaft can be repaired. Real assembly worn out
due to poor maintenance.
No Action necessary

• Announced amendment of the November 1, 2021 Craig Vaughn motion restricting firearms
as follows:
The Washington and Estill County Farms be restricted to shotgun or muzzle load fire
arms ONLY for Free Youth Weekend, Modern Gun and Youth Only statewide hunting seasons
beginning January 1, 2022.
Craig Vaughn motioned, Jonathan Campbell second, unanimous approval 11-0.

• Announced date to be set for by-laws revision meeting Monday June 6 @ 6:00pm, at the
Clubhouse, special meeting.
No action necessary at this time.

• Lee Kerr announced that the Blue Stone was not completed by WMU. Lee Kerr, Craig
Vaugh, and others will apply Blue Stone on May 11, 2022.
No action necessary.

• John Myers advised the lake must be Blue Stoned more often than one time per year.
No action necessary.

• Lee Kerr advised the dock on the Water Plant side of the lake will be moved to the
Clubhouse side.
No action necessary

• It was announced that Bob Rose has ended a long and distinguished service as the Club
Corporate Registered Agent.
No action necessary

• Jonathan Campbell reported the parking lot sealing and striping was quoted at $8,360.00.
Jim Fluty has agreed to secure at least one additional quote.
No action necessary

• Randy Ballard reported a quote of $2,733 for carpet at the caretaker’s house, discussion
ensured to include in the motion not to exceed $3,500.00. Randy Ballard agreed to that
Allen Howard motioned to approve, Craig Vaughn second, vote was unanimous 11-0.

• Ernie Sammons reported an invoice was sent to the club totaling $18,024.04 for legal fees,
he also requested an approval for moving $13,024,04 from the reserve fund to cover the
total invoice.
Ernie Sammons motioned the transfer and payment, Allen Howard Seconded, unanimous
vote to approve the action 11-0.

• Randy Ballard made a motion to adjourn.
Stephanie Brock seconded the motion.
The motion carried 11– 0.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

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