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Monday, December 21st, 2020
December 21, 2020

Special Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM.

2020 Current Board Members present: President John Myers, Vice President Wayne Joslin, Treasurer Ernie Sammons and Secretary Dewey Pope, Registrar Tommy Cook, Mike Lowry, Bill Thiry, Todd Wilson, and Jonathan Campbell.

2021 Elected Board Members present: Rob Haney, Craig Vaughn, Stephanie Brock, Randy Ballard, Lee Kerr and Greg Elkins. (all six newly elected officers present)

Absent: Current 2020 Board Members, Bradley Wall, Randy Steagall and Jim Fluty (Jim called into the meeting as he was sick and could not attend in person).

The Purpose of the Special Meeting was to elect new officers for the coming 2021 year.

1. President John Myer opened the meeting.

a. President John Myers opened the meeting with the Pledge to Allegiance and Prayer. After the opening, President Myers thanked the current 2020 board members for a job well done especially with a difficult year of dealing with the Pandemic and congratulating the newly elected 2021 board members. He mentioned that the new board members would probably be surprised at the amount of time and effort that would be asked of them for the coming year. He went on to recognize each new member and also to congratulate the first woman to be elected onto the board in the clubís entire history.

2. Registrar Tommy Cook Inspection of Ballots:

a. The 2020 Registrar Tommy Cook had requested to inspect the ballots from the 14 December election. President Myers offered the board members the option of waiting until Registrar Cook inspected the ballots or to move on with the meeting while the ballots were being inspected. It was decided to move on with the meeting while this was being done.

3. Floor opened for Election of New Officers for 2021:

a. President Myers then turned the meeting over to Secretary Dewey Pope for the Election Process to begin. There was a question from Greg Elkins as to whether the outgoing 2020 officers would be allowed to participate in the new officer election. It was answered with: Only the newly elected (6) and current seated remaining board members (6) would be allowed to nominate and vote.

b. Secretary Pope took over the meeting. He first mentioned that he had, in his possession, three letters containing ballots, and possibly dues checks, that had come in after the 5:00, 14 December, 2020, deadline. He mentioned that they would be opened later in the meeting.

4. Secretary Pope then asked for nominations for President of the CCFGC.

Wayne Joslin nominated John Myers.
Secretary asked for a vote on John Myers for 2021 President.

John Myers was elected to be President with a majority vote.

Meeting was turned back over the President John Myers for continuation of the election of 2021 officers.

5. President Myers then asked for nominations for Vice President of the CCFGC.

Craig Vaughn nominated Wayne Joslin. Wayne Joslin declined.
John Myers nominated Lee Kerr.
Mike Lowry nominated Stephanie Brock.

President asked for a vote on Stephanie Brock for 2021 Vice President.
President asked for a vote on Lee Kerr for 2021 Vice President.

Lee Kerr was elected to be Vice President with a majority vote.

6. President Myers then asked for nominations for Secretary of CCFGC.

Ernie Sammons nominated Dewey Pope.

President asked for a vote on Dewey Pope for 2021 Secretary.

Dewey Pope was elected to be Secretary with a majority vote.

7. President Myers then asked for nominations for Treasurer of CCFGC.

Craig Vaughn nominated Ernie Sammons

President asked for a vote on Ernie Sammons for 2021 Treasurer.

Ernie Sammons was elected to be Treasurer with a majority vote.

8. President Myers then asked for nominations for Registrar of CCFGC.

NOTE: President Myers emphasized that this position would not only include taking care of the gates, the maintenance of the gates, control of the keys, the stickers on the boats as well as the distribution of the shares etc. He mentioned that it is quite an extensive job. It was brought up by Ernie Sammons that you can nominate someone that is not a board member at which President Myers confirmed as correct.

Ernie Sammons nominated Bill Thiry (mentioning his extensive experience as a
Registrar in the Past).
Mike Lowry nominated Stephanie Brock.

President asked for a vote on Bill Thiry for 2021 Registrar (Non-Board Member).
President asked for a vote on Stephanie Brock for 2021 Registrar.

Bill Thiry was elected to be Registrar with a majority vote.

NOTE: Current Registrar Tommy Cook asked if the club would elect somebody that is not on the board over someone who is on the board and if it had ever been done before. There was a discussion on this matter. Board member Randy Ballard asked if the board could go back and revisit the board member/non board member position just voted on. President Myers mentioned that it would be up to the new board to take that up at the next meeting (January 2021). President Myers mentioned that the decision was made and there is nothing in writing that says pro or con. President Myers said he does not agree or disagree, he was just following the vote as it was taken. There was another discussion on the matter.

9. President Myers then concluded the election portion of the Special Meeting.

10. Discussion New Web Page Design and Progress:

a. President Myers mentioned that Secretary Pope has worked from the beginning with the company contracted to design the page. Because of the Virus, and other issues, it fell behind somewhat. The lady who worked with Secretary Pope is based in Arizona so itís not possible to see and work with her in person. It has still progressed well, but Secretary Pope has some other projects, and duties, so he has asked President Myers to take it over with Treasurer Sammons. The company is currently on Christmas Break, but immediately after the break, John and Ernie will work with them on progressing the page farther.

11. Discussion of Social Media Pages for CCFGC:

a. President Myers asked Lee Kerr if he had taken down the previous Facebook Page that he maintained and if it still existed. Lee said it had been shut down. President Myers asked Tommy Cook, as now a non-board member, if he was going to retain his page. It was brought up that it is not an official CCFGC Facebook Page. President Myers then asked if he still had intentions to carry on with the page. Tommy replied that he does and had added Stephanie Brock as editor of the page. President Myers mentioned that the Facebook Page does not reflect the full CCFGC. A lot of the information that is, or has been put on there, has prompted a lot of calls asking why people are airing their dirty laundry on it. President Myers mentioned that at this point, we need to create a new Facebook Page that will be an official CCFGC Facebook Page where members can go to for events, information etc. President Myers then mentioned that he was asking for opinions, if everyone is happy then we will walk away from it. There was a lengthy discussion on the issue with several past, and current board members providing opinions on the legality of the page. During this discussion, Greg Elkins suggested that if anyone, including board members, non-board members, officers or anyone else, is going to represent themselves as the Clark County Fish and Game Club on any social media, it should only be with board approval. Board member Mike Lowry supported Tommyís right to keep the page up mentioning other people have done it in the past. There was more discussion on Facebook rules, board actions on taking the page down and membership suspension for violating club rules. President Myers then injected that the best start on resolving this situation would be ask the new board at the beginning of 2021 to visit the by-laws of the club. He mentioned that the context of any social media outlet should reflect the opinion of the whole club and not just the opinion of just one person. There was more open discussion at which time President Myers concluded the discussion mentioning that we would address it at the next meeting (January 2021) with the new board.

12. Ballot Review:

a. President Myers asked Registrar Tommy Cook if he was ok with his review of the election ballots. Tommy mentioned that he didnít see any without a stamp. He had a question of some hand delivered, because of mail or address problems, that he didnít stamp. Ernie gave an explanation of the invoice system he created and a full audit, line by line, he did of the membership list. All 500 members were mailed an invoice and ballot sheet. Ernie then asked for questions on the process stating that he had done everything he could to make it work. Ernie mentioned that the process that Dewey and Wayne created would probably be put into the by-laws to be used every year in the future. Ernie asked again if there was any doubt that everybody that should have been mailed a ballot was mailed one. Tommy mentioned that he didnít have any doubts. Ernie mentioned that there was a 57/59 % return rate which was really good.

13. Late Ballots presented and Opened:

a. The three late ballots that were mentioned earlier were opened in full witness of the board. One of the letters contained a check which was given to Treasurer Sammons with the three ballots marked void and added to the 2020 election files.

14. Treasurer Report:

a. Treasurer Sammons gave a complete, and in-depth, report on the current CCFGC budget going thru, line by line, the budget for 2020 including Balance, Profit & Loss and expenditures. There was a lot of input as to where we want to go, and should go, for next yearís 2021 budget. At the end of the report, President Myers mentioned that the new board would address the budget again at the next meeting, January 4, 2021.

NOTE: During this report, there was also some discussion of the 2020 Survey Sheets mailed to the membership and how to address them (The Survey Sheets have been given to Stephanie Brock to review) and the possibility of creating a semi-annual Newsletter for the members who donít use email, texting etc.

15. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn meeting:

Motion: Todd Wilson
Motion Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

16. Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the January 04, 2021 Board Meeting.

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