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Monday, December 14th, 2020
December 14, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM.

Board Members present: President John Myers, Vice President Wayne Joslin, Treasurer Ernie Sammons and Secretary Dewey Pope. Candidates present were: Registrar (candidate) Tommy Cook, Stephanie Brock, Craig Vaughn, Greg Elkins, Todd Wilson, Jonathan Campbell, Rob Haney, Allen Howard, Shane Green and Shane Pelfrey. The Counting Teams present were: Rob Shearer, Rolla Abney, Brad Myers, Jerry Martin, Larry Disney and Donald Parker. Additional Board Members present were: Bill Thiry and Randy Steagall.

The Governor’s COVID restrictions were followed with a strong effort to keep the group under 25 people, masks worn and social distancing adhered to.

1. President John Myer opened the meeting.

a. President John Myers opened the meeting with the Pledge to Allegiance and Prayer. After the opening, John turned the meeting over to Treasurer Ernie Sammons.

2. Treasurer Ernie Sammons:

a. Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave a report on the Official Counting Procedures and guidelines set forth for the 2021 Election of Directors. These procedure sheets were passed out to all in attendance. Treasurer Sammons then went over all twelve procedures with the audience. During the review, Provost Officer Dewey Pope also mentioned that the ballots were sealed into a box, signed, witnessed and brought into the clubhouse just before the meeting started and that every effort had been made to insure the integrity, honesty and transparency of the election process. The procedure sheet has been filed in the permanent official Secretary files for anyone to view if requested.

3. Secretary Dewey Pope and Vice President Wayne Joslin, Election Provost Officers:

a. Provost Officer Dewey Pope gave a report on the security process of protecting the ballots which included renting a special box at the Post Office to protect the ballots for the last several weeks. Every ballot was checked for Treasurer and Secretary addressees before being counted, sorted into bundles of twenty-five and then placed into the new box with only Provost Officer Pope having the keys to open the box. As of 2:00 PM, on 14 December 2020, there were 283 ballots collected at the Post Office with three being turned in before 5:00 PM, at the clubhouse, for a total of 286. Provost Officer’s Pope and Joslin then assigned the counting designees to two separate tables for two teams of three each. Larry Disney, one of the counters, asked if there were less than six on the ballot, would they be counted and if there were more than six would they be counted as well. The answer was that six or less would be counted and seven or more on the ballot would not be counted. They would be discarded into the non-conforming envelopes at each table. Provost Officer Pope explained that if any ballot did not have an embossed seal, any ballot that did not have a seal, or any other suspicious non-conformity, that those ballots would not be counted. These invalid ballots would be collected by Provost Officers Pope and Joslin for a call to be made. Provost Officer Pope then opened the sealed box of ballots with him and Provost Officer Joslin distributing them to the two tables. Each table would have a person to call out the nominees selected and two counters to record by using tick marks of five each. Four vertical marks with a cross mark across the middle, for a total of five marks, for legible counting/totals at the end.

4. The Election process: Started at approximately 6:15 PM with the envelopes opened and ballots and checks separated. Ballots were placed on the table unfolded with checks given to Treas Ernie Sammons.

5. At approximately 6:51 PM, all the envelopes had been opened with ballots unfolded, stacked and checks removed. The two teams then started the actual counting procedures of the selected nominees on the ballots.

6. At approximately 8:16 PM, the counting teams switched tables and started the second- round count of the other team ballots for the second verification count.

7. At approximately 9:00 PM, the second-round count was concluded with tabulation sheets turned over to Provost Officers Pope and Joslin. The ballot sheets were collected, boxed and given to the club President by Provost Officer Pope, per the guidance on the Election Procedure Sheets handed out earlier.

a. There were three invalid ballots discarded into the non-conforming envelopes (one had seven votes, one had no votes at all and one was not legible to make any kind of decision on).

8. Vote Tabulation into Computer: Treas Ernie Sammons, using the tabulation sheets, tabulated all the votes entering them into his computer for summary sheets to be printed.

9. At approximately 9:09 PM, the Certification Sheets were signed, and dated, by Provost Officers, Dewey Pope and Wayne Joslin. The Certification Sheets, and tabulation sheets, were then added to the box with the counted ballots that had been turned over to the club President for safekeeping.

10. At approximately 9:19 PM, President John Myers announced the winning names for the Clark County Fish and Game Club Board of Directors Election for 2021.

NOTE: The original list of winners given by President Myers, the posting on the CCFGC Official Webpage and Tommy Cook’s CCFGC Facebook page was amended on 15 December 2020 in the following Email excerpt.

* Excerpt from an Email from Ernie Sammons, dtd 15 December, 2020.

This morning I reviewed my tabulation summary and realized that I failed to double check my transfer of the tabulation after our final review. During that review we realized that I read two numbers wrong and made those corrections on the spreadsheet but failed to transfer them to the certification letter. In addition, I had already printed the spreadsheet numbers for our review but didn’t print an updated version. The incorrect version made it into everyone’s hands - - - The bottom line is that the results did not change, but it did alter the distribution of terms. Mrs. Brock won a 3-year term and Mr. Ballard won the 2-year term, only two (2) votes made the difference. The actual results were as follow:

Lee Kerr – 168
Craig Vaughn -162
Robbie Haney – 128
Stephanie Brock - 113
Randy Ballard – 111
Greg Elkins – 106
Tommy Cook – 98
Todd Wilson – 87
Howard Rogers – 85
Alan Howard - 73
Jonathan Campbell – 66
Shane Green- 64
Shane Pelphrey – 62
Russ Upperman – 26
Matt Warren – 23
Jason Sullivan – 20

Only Randy Ballard and Alan Howard’s totals changed - - - John Myers caught my mistake early but I failed to update the letter. I apologize for the inconvenience. (End of Excerpt)

11. There was a Special Meeting called to recount the ballots for Stephanie Brock and Randy Ballard on 16 December 2020. The Special Meeting was held at the CCFGC Clubhouse at 6:00 PM. Provost Officers Pope and Joslin, President Myers, Treasurer Sammons, and Registrar Cook were present for the recount. Mrs. Brock and Mr. Ballard were also invited. Mrs. Brock was present, but Mr. Ballard was not due to sickness. Mr. Howard was also invited but was not there. He had earlier indicated to President Myers that he had accepted the revised count with no objections. Both Mrs. Brock and Mr. Ballard accepted the revised count with no objections, therefore, the recount was not necessary.

12. Special Thanks: President Myers thanked all the counters, the provost officers and all others involved for their work to make this a fair, honest and transparent election for the new 2021 Board of Directors.

13. Special Board Meeting to Elect New Officers: There will be a Special Board Meeting on December 21, at 6:30 PM, at the clubhouse. to wrap up the year for the current Board of Directors. Treasurer Ernie Sammons will give a year end financial review of where we stand moving into 2021. At the end of the meeting, it will be adjourned and another special meeting called for the purpose of electing new officers for the 2021 year. Newly elected Directors, as well as seated Directors who are nominated for officer positions, will be given the opportunity to address the entire board. Current Registrar Tommy Cook has requested he wants to review the ballots for any improper embosses. He will be doing that in the presence of the full board.

14. The Election of Directors Meeting concluded at 9:24 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and are not officially approved until next monthly Board Meeting. Minutes can be amended, if needed, per board request.

Copyright © 2001 Clark County Fish & Game Club, Inc. Unauthorized Use is Prohibited.