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Monday, November 2nd, 2020
November 02, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:04 PM.

Ten Board Members Present.

Board Members Absent: Wayne Joslin, Randy Steagall.

Guests present. Stephanie Brock, Greg Elkins and Jamie Pope.

1. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons.

a. Treasure Sammons gave a handout to all the board members of the Treasurer Report which included: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual and Transactions by Account. Treasurer Sammons discussed all the categories.

b. Treasurer Sammons asked if the report was helpful or if there was some other report you would rather see. All agreed the report was pretty cut and dried, simple to understand.

Motion: Motion made to accept and approve the Treasurer Report: Jonathan Campbell.
Motion Second: Todd Wilson
Motion Carried.

2. Secretary Report by Dewey Pope:

a. Secretary Dewey Pope mentioned that he had posted both the October 5th regular meeting and October 19th special meeting minutes on the webpage for the board members to read, review and report at this meeting for any amendments, changes etc. to be made.

b. There were no amendments, or changes, to be made.

Motion: Motion to accept and approve both the October 5th and 19th minutes: Todd Wilson.
Motion Second: Jim Fluty
Motion Carried.

3. Report on New Webpage Progress.

a. Secretary Pope gave a report on the new webpage progress.

4. Discussion on Ballot Counting Process in December:

a. President Myers brought up the ballot counting and recording process to take place in December. He handed it over to Treasurer Sammons to give an overview on how to proceed with that procedure.

b. Treasurer Sammons suggested having Secretary Dewey Pope and Vice President Wayne Joslin to pick two teams and separate into two groups, inside the room, separating the ballots at two different tables so the candidates can walk back and forth and watch. Each table would have ballots, they would be opened and to protect the identity of the voter, the ballot would be separated from the ballot envelope. There will possibly be dues checks in the same envelopes as the ballots and they will be separated and given to Treasurer Sammons. Once that is done, the return envelopes will be put into a box and then the recording process will start, one calling and one, or two, marking. Once all the ballots are counted, the two teams will stand up and go the other table and do a recount. They will then be looked at and if they are exactly identical, the process will be finished. If any candidate wants a recount they can be counted again. Everyone can watch. The whole process should last about an hour possibly longer if there are recounts.

5. Caretaker Report: Rufus Cravens reported the October 2020 Caretakerís Report.

Motion: Motion made to approve and accept Caretakerís Report: Todd Wilson
Motion Second: Tommy Cook
Motion Carried.

6. Caretaker Search Committee:

a. Jim Fluty gave a report on the new Caretaker Hiring Committee. The committee will meet again next week. There have been a couple of people expressing interest on the facebook page with a couple of the board members mentioning possible prospects who have contacted them with interest in the position. Jim mentioned that he has not been contacted by anyone up to this point. It has been posted both on the club website and facebook page.

7. Drawing for Free Membership Dues:

b. Tommy Cook Mentioned that by not having the Christmas Dinner that we still give one, or maybe multiple, free membership dues to the membership. Ernie, and Tommy, suggested that out of 500 members, as long as itís not one of the board members, to give two. Todd Wilson suggested using the sign in book from last year and the year before and that would be the list to draw from because picking from 500, most donít show up for the dinners. It was then discussed to open it to all 500 as it was a tough year due to the pandemic and to give away two instead of one. Bill Thiry asked how do we propose to do the drawing. It was discussed to use a randomizer app on the computer to do the drawing.

Motion: Motion made that we draw at Christmas for two shareholders to get their dues paid for
2021. Two separate drawings with two shareholders (non-board members) to win: Tommy Cook
Motion Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

8. Collection of dues by Email or Regular Mail and Credit Card:

a. Treasurer Ernie Sammons discussed the possibility of using email for the dues invoices and accepting credit card payments for dues. There is percentage fee charge for using credit cards. Treasurer Sammons mentioned that this was something he wanted to suggest for the board to think about.

9. Internet capabilities for clubhouse:

a. Jonathan Campbell brought up that the Caretaker internet had been changed and that we have lost remote access. As an option, he suggested maybe setting up a mobile hot spot. The Board discussed that it was needed, prices of the service and benefit to the members. President Myers asked Jonathan to check on the service.

10. Directorís Comments:

a. Jim Fluty: Jim mentioned that he had been working on the electric at the Hume Farm. It is turned on. Problems with the RV plug and main breaker. Jim mentioned that he had all the stuff (new covers, new boxes, new plugs, conduit) to fix it.

b. Tommy Cook: Tommy brought up Donald Parkerís suggestion about opening weekend of hunting season for members only. Discussion on members, family members etc. Mike Lowry suggested talking to the deer hunters and ask them what they think about it. Discussion on lots, or zones, assigned to hunters for safety purposes to prevent too many people in one area that could cause crossfires etc. President Myers mentioned that it was too late this year to set up anything. It was suggested by Jim and Ernie that, early in 2021, we need to establish hunting committees for each farm and let them set up the guidelines for the 2021 hunting season and enforce the rules. Tommy also brought up that several people have not received their ballots and dues notices in the mail. President Myers mentioned we could resend dues notices but what to do about resending ballots. Treasurer Sammons suggested using a different color paper for the ballot, then we know that we mailed certain ones out with a different color. This was not resolved before the meeting ended on how to handle.

c. Dewey Pope: Donald Parker contacted Dewey to ask about how, or what, we could to do to get exposure on the sixteen candidates running for the 2021 board. Dewey called President Myers and it was discussed on setting up a facebook page and also using the webpage for each candidate to submit a picture and short essay on who they are and what they could offer to the board. President Myers mentioned that he was looking into it. Bill Thiry suggested naming it the Official Clark County Fish and Game Club page. Tommy Cook mentioned that anybody running could post on his page.

11. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn the meeting:

Motion: Todd Wilson
Motion Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

12. Meeting adjourned at 7:11 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and are not officially approved until next monthly Board Meeting. Minutes can be amended, if needed, per board request.

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