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Monday, October 19th, 2020
October 19, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:44 PM.

Note: Ballot and dues letter stuffing was conducted from 6:00 PM until start of Special Board Meeting at 7:44 PM. Ballot and Dues notices to be mailed on October 20 by Secretary Pope.

Eleven board members present.

One board member absent: Mike Lowry


1. Treasurers Report from past meeting: Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave up to date report.

Motion: Motion made to accept Treasurer Report: Randy Steagall
Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

2. Update on Web Page: Secretary Dewey Pope gave an update on progress of web page.

3. Discussion of incident on Lake. Duck Hunter vs. Fisherman: In-depth discussion of incident on lake between a duck hunter and a fisherman and how to resolve it.

Motion: Motion made to hear from both Duck Hunter, Fisherman and any Witness of incident with
Executive Session to be called if needed: Tommy Cook
Second: Wayne Joslin
Motion Failed: There were five yes votes and six no votes. The six no votes were: Todd Wilson,
Jonathan Campbell, Bradley Wall, Bill Thiry, John Myers and Ernie Sammons.

4. Approve installing signage relating to Duck Hunters presence: President Myers brought up the possibility of having signs on each entrance gate to alert all members to duck hunters presence on lake grounds during duck hunting seasons. Discussion followed on size of signs, type of signs (metal or banner) and wordage on signs etc.

Motion: Motion made to hang large legible signs on entrance gates to club grounds during duck
hunting seasons and also notices posted on web page: Ernie Sammons.
Second: Bill Thiry
Motion Carried.

5. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn the meeting:

Motion: Jonathan Campbell
Second: Wayne Joslin
Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the November 02, 2020 Board Meeting.

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