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Certificates for Shares and Their Transfer

Section 1. Certificates for Shares.
Certificates representing shares of the Corporation shall be in such form as shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Such certificates shall be signed by the President and by the Secretary or by such other Officers authorized by law and by the Board of Directors so to do, and sealed with the corporate seal. All stock certificates for a share shall be consecutively numbered or otherwise identified. The name and address of the person to whom the stock certificate represented thereby is issued, with the number of the stock certificate and date of issue, shall be entered on the stock transfer books of the Corporation. All stock certificates surrendered to the Corporation for transfer shall be destroyed. A new stock certificate shall not be issued until the old stock certificate has been surrendered for destruction or been properly declared as lost or mutilated, in which case, an affidavit signed and dated by the shareholder and a witness thereto stating the whereabouts or condition of the old stock certificate shall be required to obtain a new stock certificate. New stock certificates shall be issued per Article VII Section 2.

Section 2. Sale/Transfer of Shares.
Sale/Transfer of Shares of the Corporation shall be made only on the stock transfer books of the Corporation by the holder of record thereof or by his legal representative, who shall furnish proper evidence of authority to sell/transfer, or by his attorney thereunto authorized by power of attorney duly executed and filed with the Registrar of the Corporation, and on surrender for destruction of the certificate for such share. The person in whose name the stock certificate stands on the books of the Corporation shall be deemed by the Corporation to be the owner thereof for all purposes. The Registrar shall report monthly to the Board of Directors all activities (i.e. share transfers, keys issued/turned off, etc.).

Section 3. Stock Transfer Agent.
All transfers of shares shall be made by and through the club Registrar acting as the Transfer Agent. All dues current or delinquent, and fees shall be paid at the time of transfer.

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