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Section 1.
A Member is defined as “the” individual(s) identified on the stock certificate issued by the Clark County Fish and Game Club, Inc., the owner(s) of one valid share in the Clark County Fish and Game Club, Inc., whose dues are current and in good standing. Individuals residing in the household of the shareholder are afforded the same benefits as the shareholder when using the Club facilities per Article XI Section 3.

Section 2.
Individuals shall not be denied membership because of race, sex, age, creed, color, or national origin.

Section 3.
The leasing of shares is prohibited and active membership shall not be granted on any leased shares.

Section 4.
Dues are due December 1. If paid after December 15, a $25.00 late fee shall be assessed. Dues shall be declared delinquent if not paid, mail post marked, by 12 midnight December 31. Delinquent shares shall be voided by the Registrar and posted for sale on the Club’s website by January 2. Delinquent shares shall be sold for a maximum of $2000.00 each alphabetically by shareholders last name. Delinquent shareholders shall be notified by registered letter that their share has been sold. The letter shall be mailed by the Registrar to a shareholder’s post office address on file on the books of the Corporation. The net proceeds to be refunded for a delinquent shareholder’s sold share shall be equal to the selling price minus annual dues, the $25.00 late fee, a handling fee of $200.00 and $25.00 for each unreturned key. After January 2, shareholders that reclaim their share prior to the sale of said share shall pay their annual dues plus the $25.00 late fee and a $100.00 reactivation fee.

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