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Monday, October 5th, 2020
October 05, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:01 PM.

Eleven Board Members Present.

Board Members Absent: Ernie Sammons

Guests present. Alen Howard, Jamie Pope, Jerry Martin, John Otte, Donald Parker, Rob Haney, Hunter Maines.

1. President John Myers Comments: President Myers by asking if there were any members that had not submitted requests to run for the 2021 board. If not, the meeting tonight would be the deadline for letters of intent to be submitted with the only exception being if there is a letter submitted by mail before, Oct 5th, 2020 and has not been delivered to the PO box by that date.

2. Secretary Report:

a. Secretary Dewey Pope mentioned that he had posted the August 31st, 2020 meeting
minutes on the webpage for the board members to read, review and report at this meeting
for any amendments, changes etc. to be made.

b. Bill Thiry reported that there was a change to be made to Old Business, Section 5,
Item e. Election Process, on the August 31st minutes: The original motion made by Ernie
Sammons that with six positions available, “The top four highest vote getters will get a
three year term and the second two highest vote getters will get a two year term”,
should be changed to, “The top four (1 thru 4) highest vote getters will get a three
year term, the next in sequence (5) highest vote getter will get a two year term and the
next in sequence (6) highest vote getter will get a one year term”.

c. Bill Thiry also made a motion to amend the By-Laws to reflect, “If a director
resigns, dies, moves, etc. then the position replacing that position will serve the full
remainder of that term”. That was also a part of the motion above by Ernie Sammons in
Old Business, Section 5, Item e. Election Process.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept August 31st, 2020 minutes and By-Law
amendment: Bill Thiry
Motion Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

3. Caretaker Report: Rufus Cravens reported the September 2020 Caretaker’s Report.

Motion: Motion made to approve and accept Caretaker’s Report: Jonathan Campbell.
Motion Second: Jim Fluty
Motion Carried:

4. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons. There was no Treasurer Report by Treasurer Ernie Sammons due to him being absent from the meeting. The report will be brought up to date at the next meeting.

5. Old Business:

a. New Caretaker Hiring Committee: Jim Fluty gave a report on the new Caretaker Hiring
Committee. He passed out a handout on the preliminary Caretaker Responsibilities.
He mentioned that they are not set in stone yet and there’s anything anyone wants to
take out, or add, they can. President Myers mentioned the monumental task of weed
eating, tree trimming and general upkeep of the property that needs to be done. Jim
also mentioned that he asked Bill Thiry and Tommy Cook to post on both the webpage
and facebook about the caretaker position to give him some kind of idea about what
we would have to do about interviews, resumes to get this taken care of by the end
of the year. There has been two meetings to date with more to come to finalize.

b. Report on Web Page Progress: Dewey Pope gave a report on the Web Page progress
reporting an email sent by Disa McAlister, Project Manager, dtd 10/2/20 to John Myers
and Dewey Pope stating: “We’re so delighted at the way your site is shaping up! I am
reaching out to let you know the first draft will be ready early next week and we’ll
be sending you a link for a good and thorough review”.

c. Dove Shoot: President John Myers mentioned, in Ernie Sammons absense, that the dove
shoot was very successful. He thanked all that participated to help make it as
successful as it was. He also mentioned that there were many complaints about the
cannon noise. It was hard to turn the cannon off as the black birds were destroying
the field.

d. Fish Stocking Report: Mike Lowry gave an update on the fish stocking project
mentioning that he had talked to his contact last week with him saying that the fish
have not done as good as he would have liked, only 3-4 inches long and that he would
prefer to wait. Mike mentioned that was fine with him as it would get the fall
turnover out of the way with one less obstacle to deal with. The fish stocked will
be hybrid stripers. Wayne Joslin asked about stocking channel cats and Mike said he
had people looking into it.

6. New Business:

a. Cycling Club Request to Use CCFGC Grounds: John Otte, coach of the Clark County
Cycling Club presented a request to use the CCFGC grounds for his club. The club does
not have anyplace to ride in Clark County and is looking for good place to practice at
least once a week, maybe Thursdays, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. The club has six kids this
year and will have eleven next year, sixth through twelfth grade being the age group.
Practices start in July and last until November. President Myers brought up the
insurance liability whether the CCFGC club’s would be the primary with the cycling
club’s being the secondary. President Myers asked for a copy of the cycling club
documents to include a release of liability etc. for the entire board to look at. Also,
the CCFGC club can talk to our insurance company, with a document provided by the
cycling club, for them to look at for who would be the primary. Mr. Otte said the
document could be provided. President Myer asked Mr. Otte to get in touch with him with
the document and he would get it to the CCFGC’s insurance to review.

b. Additional signage on Various issues: President Myers brought up the possible need
for additional signage throughout our property to include speed limits on the other side
of the lake, signage for parking on the ramp road on the club side of the property and
also parking in front of the dock walk way as well. He mentioned it would not be a bad
idea to make that a handicap or senior’s location for parking. Something for the board
to think about.

c. Duck Blinds Condition: President Myers mentioned that duck season is quickly
approaching and the duck blinds appear to be in horrendous shape. Actually, part of the
duck season has already come and gone. The board needs to take a look at what can be
done about the blinds.

d. Duck Season Hunter Shooting close to fisherman. Mike Lowry brought up an incident
that a duck hunter shot close to him creating a safety violation. Wayne Joslin
mentioned that he had been called by a person who witnessed the shooting. President
Myers mentioned that he had calls about the incident as well. President Myers mentioned
that there needs to be signs on both gates during the duck seasons that tell the people
that there are duck hunters present. Mike explained the situation citing the distance
between him and the hunter, duck decoys and that he was not warned properly when the
hunter shot in front of him and that there were no birds in the area. President Myers
asked if Mike wanted to bring the hunter before the board. It was brought up by other
boards members that it is not good sportsmanship to not warn someone if they are in the
shooting area of the hunter and that if members are fishing, or on the lake property,
the shots do have a tendency to scare them. It was mentioned that the hunter should
have registered to be hunting on the grounds. President Myers asked Mike to get his
name and he would have him to come before the board at the next meeting.

e. Open Membership meeting in December: President Myers discussed the increase in
Covid 19 infections and that the open meeting in December would not be a good idea at
this time. The regular board meeting will take place for the counting of the votes for
the people running for the board.

f. Dock and Walkway improvement: Dewey Pope addressed the need for railways on the
ramps to the docks for safety purposes. The ramps are floated and have a tendency to
raise and lower when walked upon which could create a safety problem.

Motion: Motion made to add safety rails, on at least one side, of walkway ramps for
holding onto when walking across to the dock.
Motion Second: Tommy Cook
Motion Carried:

g. New Membership Activity: Tommy Cook gave a report on new members purchasing shares
and extra keys.

h. Hume Farm Water and Electric problems. Jim Fluty mentioned that the water had been
turned off at the Hume Farm. He also brought up that the electric is not on at the farm
as well. The security light is also out. Jim discussed why the electric needs to be on
citing past problems when it was turned off. He also discussed food plots on the farm
and plans for next year’s crops.

Motion: Motion made to turn electric back on at Hume Farm: Jim Fluty
Motion Second: Mike Lowry
Motion Carried:

7. Election: Special Session: President Myers mentioned that we are moving into a very
important time of the year. He also passed out a sample ballot mentioning that this is
exactly what it will look like.

a. Opening of Letters of Intent To Run for Board of Directors: Secretary Dewey Pope was
asked to open the letters and hand the contents to President Myers. Secretary Pope
explained that he not opened any of the letters that came to the club PO box with the
exception of one which was opened by mistake by Treasurer Ernie Sammons. He thought it
was a letter pertaining to other club business. He immediately put it back into the
envelope and called President Myers to tell him that it was an accident. There were
sixteen letters opened and handed to President Myers with the names announced. There
was one letter received with two names running, husband and wife, and until the board
can determine which one is running, only the last name was used. Secretary Pope then
listed all the names on separate sheets of paper to be drawn for the order to be put on
the ballot letter. Jerry Martin, a guest, was asked to come up and draw the names for
the order to be determined.

b. While Secretary Pope was preparing the paper sheets to be drawn, President Myers
explained to the board the following procedures: Sending the ballots to a company for
printing, counting, sealing and certifying so there will be certified 500 ballots for
this election. Once they are returned, the ballots will be stuffed and stamped. With
Registrar Tommy Cook, being a candidate, holding the two club stamps President Myers
mentioned that he would ask Tommy to surrender the stamps that will be put into a box,
sealed, signed by two or three directors so that it is absolutely unavailable to
anybody. Mike Lowry mentioned that Tommy Cook has to have the seal for shares etc.
President Myers then explained that he would ask Tommy, on a temporary basis, to
surrender those two seals. President Myers explained that the ballots go out the first
of November and that we don’t want anyone to come back, after the fact, and have any
questions about this election. Mike Lowry mentioned that we should do it like we’ve
always done it, why spend the extra money. Bill Thiry asked if the board wanted him to
print them. Mike said he didn’t see a problem with having Bill Thiry to print the
ballots. President Myers emphasized to all to not come back with a complaint, do not
complain the night of the election because you have been forewarned. President Myers
asked Bill Thiry to print 500 ballots, bring them to the clubhouse and Tommy would
stamp them the night that we stuff the envelopes.

c. Drawing for the Order of Candidates on Ballot Sheet: Jerry Martin drew each folded
sheet of paper and handed to Secretary Pope who read off the names. The names drawn
and order they were drawn in will appear on the ballot sheets to be sent out the 1st of
November. Secretary Pope will pick up the ballots from the mailbox and keep them until
the December meeting at which time they will be turned over to the election committee
for opening and counting. It was discussed about some of the letters having dues checks
enclosed and they will be handled accordingly. The dues checks will go to Treasurer
Ernie Sammons. The ballots will be stuffed and prepared for mailing on Monday October
19th at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse, with also, the guidelines established for the counting
of the ballots. The Board Meeting to open and count the ballots will be on 14 December,
the second Monday. It was also discussed to have an outside, impartial, official to
oversee the ballot opening and counting. It was mentioned by Todd Wilson to make a
motion to accept and approve the Letters of Intent for the ballots.

Motion: Motion made to accept and approve Letters of Intent to Run, Ballot
Procedures and Drawing: Todd Wilson
Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Carried.

8. President Myers brought forward a procedure that he wanted the board to know about:

a. President Myers mentioned that he wanted to bring a situation before the board for a
decision. An older gentleman in Lexington, KY had expressed a desire to become a member
of the CCFGC for a long time. Another gentleman from Lexington had a share for sale and
those two got together and transacted their business. The older gentleman’s, who
purchased the share, wife just recently had surgery and he, at 80 years old, was very
reluctant to be out in public with the Covid 19 situation. He contacted John and asked
if he could come over and take care of everything in Lexington. John said yes and he
made copies of the check for Registrar Cook. He typed up a document stating the terms
of the sale etc. that was signed and notarized. He then mentioned that Registrar Cook
had denied him the share certificate to take back to the purchaser. John mentioned that
he was coming to the board to ask if the board would override the decision made by
Registrar Cook and have him make the certificate to be returned to the purchaser.
Registrar Cook said he would have traveled to the purchaser. Mike Lowry brought up that
that was not President Myers responsibility, he should have referred him to Registrar
Cook. President Myers mentioned that he had brought it to the board for discussion and
where the board stands on it. Registrar Cook discussed procedures in the past that he
wanted the board to know about pertaining to two shares that were purchased early in
2020. President Myers emphasized that this situation was different, with the virus and
the purchaser’s wife, and he didn’t mean to step on Registrar Cook’s toes. This was a
special circumstance and if the board doesn’t want to accept he will contact the
purchaser and tell him that he will have to do something different. Registrar Cook
brought up another share situation that he and President Myers disagreed on. Jonathan
Campbell mentioned that he did not like the board picking shares, whatever, but in this
instance the seller picked who he wanted to sell the share to so he didn’t have a
problem with it. President Myers mentioned that the purchaser didn’t want to expose
himself to multiple people. Mike Lowry continued to say that the purchaser should have
gone to Registrar Cook. Bill Thiry mentioned that if he was the Registrar and John
would have come to him with the situation, he would have given him the certificate, one
for one, and that John was only being the courier. Registrar Cook asked Bill Thiry if
he had ever done a share like that before and Bill Thiry answered, yes. Registrar Cook
asked who and Bill Thiry answered, several of them. There was an extended discussion on
this with several people speaking over each other which muffled the recorder. Bill
Thiry mentioned how another board member got his certificate with another board member
carrying it to him. Bill didn’t see any problem with giving the purchaser the
certificate. Wayne Joslin mentioned that he understood, with the Corona Virus this
year, as he has a couple of friends that are scared and won’t go around anybody and he
doesn’t see a problem with it, who sold it to who, and just taking it to him. Registrar
Cook mentioned further his protocol for purchasing shares saying there’s a little bit
more to it but if the board agrees to it, he’s fine with that. Rufus Cravens mentioned
that he knows the seller and that he had mentioned to him (Rufus) that he was going to
sell it. Jonathan asked if President Myers wanted to make the motion, President Myers
said he was bringing it before the board for a motion to be made. Jonathan Campbell
said he would make the motion.

Motion: Motion made for the club Registrar to issue a share to the purchaser as was
sent previously and submitted for transfer to purchaser: Jonathan Campbell
Second: Todd Wilson
Motion Carried. Ten Board members voted Yes. There was one No vote. Mike Lowry
voted no. Ernie Sammons was absent and did not vote.
Note: President Myers did apologize to Registrar Cook.

9. Director’s Comments:

a. Tommy Cook: President Myers mentioned that Registrar Tommy Cook has asked for
permission to speak to the board through an email request earlier. President Myers
asked that while Tommy was preparing his statement, did any other directors have any

b. Wayne Joslin: Wayne Joslin mentioned that the food plots on the Estill County farm
did real well and the deer were wearing it out. Peas, turnips and soy beans were
mentioned. There’s one blind up by the pond. It was asked about the Dove Shoot and
Wayne said there were about 40 shooters, 24 hay rolls and that the dinner went very
c. Dewey Pope: Secretary Pope thanked Rob Haney for doing a great job on the Fish
Attractor Construction day. Rob lead the project with over 40 attractors constructed to
go into the lake. Several directors, and club members, came out and spent the whole day
constructing them and later, on a different day, spent time depositing them into the
lake at several different sites. Rob is going to hang a map on the club bulletin board,
out front, showing where the sites are and also brought maps for all the board members.

d. Tommy Cook: After Secretary Pope, President Myers asked if there were any other
comments, there were none, so he turned it back over to Registrar Tommy Cook. Tommy
mentioned a possible conflict of interest that’s up to the board of directors to decide.
According to Tommy, we have cut out our tax preparer who has contacted him five or six
times that they are not getting the check information, bank statements etc. He
mentioned that he had inquired with Treasurer Ernie Sammons who had not got back with
him so he sent out another message and got some smart remarks so he wanted to bring it
to the board’s attention that they’re not getting anything. The tax preparer in question
has been doing the service, taxes and keeping up with everything for the club, for over
twenty years. Mike Lowry asked how long it had been going on with Tommy saying all
year. President Myers mentioned that Treasurer Sammons has been a CPA for his entire
life and that he is no longer certified, but is a public accountant that works for
several large corporations. Mike Lowry mentioned that this was the board’s decision,
not John’s and Ernie’s decision. Tommy mentioned that the tax preparer had contacted
him, he contacted Ernie and the tax preparer said they couldn’t get ahold of Ernie.
President Myers mentioned when Ernie is here at the next meeting, there would be an
opportunity to address this with him. Jim Fluty mentioned that it needs to be a board
decision and that we definitely need to get information from Ernie. Secretary Pope
mentioned that just for the sake of transparency, when we changed insurance companies we
took a vote on that, with the board, so if we change that situation with them, it should
be a board decision. It could be a conflict of interest with Ernie being on the board.
Jonathan Campbell mentioned that should we put this on the agenda for the next meeting
when Ernie can be here so we can talk to him about it.
Tommy went on to bring up another item which he described as a Volatile Board Member
making threats etc. He said it was unacceptable. Tommy mentioned that we should talk
it out and still be friends. Wayne Joslin mentioned that there have been some things
that have happened that should be discussed when all twelve members are here. Rob
Haney, discussed that the board members need to come together and get along as friends.
Everybody is not going to agree with everything. Tommy mentioned that he had never
missed a workday, but he was not feeling well with a foot infection that had spread
throughout his body on the day the fish structures were put into the lake. He came down
anyway and another member, on the boat putting the structures in, made a disparaging
remark to him. It was mentioned that the conflict was between Tommy and the person
making the remark and he needed to take it up with him.

10. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Motion: Jonathan Campbell
Second: Todd Wilson
Motion Carried:

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the November 02, 2020 Board Meeting.

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