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Monday, August 31st, 2020
August 31, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM.

Ten Board Members Present.

Board Members Absent: Bradley Wall, Randy Steagall.

No Guests present.

1. President John Myers Comments: President Myers started the meeting with asking Rufus to give the Caretaker’s Report.

2. Caretaker Report: Rufus Cravens read August 2020 Caretaker’s Report.

a. President Myers asked Rufus if there was an increase in people fishing late. Rufus mentioned that there are boats staying later after dark. He mentioned that most of the people fishing later are fishing for catfish. President Myers mentioned that there might come a time when we want to close the lake from midnight to 5:00 AM.

Motion: Motion made to approve and accept Caretaker’s Report: Jonathan Campbell.
Motion Second: Wayne Joslin.
Motion Carried:

3. Secretary Report: Secretary Dewey Pope reported the August 03, 2020 Regular and August 20, 2020 Special Board Meeting minutes.

a. Secretary Pope mentioned that he had posted both the August meeting minutes on the webpage for the board members to read, review and report at this meeting for any amendments, changes etc. to be made. None were reported.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept August 03 and August 20 Minutes: Tommy Cook.
Motion Second: Mike Lowry
Motion Carried.

4. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons. Treasurer Sammons mentioned that he has been so busy that he didn’t have it ready tonight but promised to email to all the board members by this coming Sunday.

5. Old Business:

a. New Caretaker Committee: President Myers mentioned that Jim Fluty did put the committee together and had the first meeting discussing all the data brought forward, by the committee, to bring back to the board for review on what the new contract will read. Jim mentioned that he would like to have another committee meeting next week. He will send an email out to all the board indicating the date, and time, of the next meeting.

b. Update on the new CCFGC Webpage: President Myers mentioned that he had talked to Adam Norsworthy today and he, and his team, are approximately 75 to 80 percent complete on the first draft, or mock-up, of the new page and things are going well. President Myers asked Bill Thiry to help Adam to get the highest level of information and accessibility, to extract and clone, everything that we have as he is ready for that now. Bill said he would call him tomorrow and verify what he needs.

c. Fish Attractors: President Myers thanked all who showed up to help construct the fish attractors to go into the lake. There were 48 fish attractors made. We also had the ones that Todd Wilson had previously built to add to the new ones. Rob Haney, the Fish Attractor Chairman, has a work-day scheduled for Wednesday morning, September 2nd to start putting the attractors into the lake.

d. Fish Stocking Report: Mike Lowry gave an update on the fish stocking project for the lake. With the current water temp, Mike mentioned that probably the later we wait in September would be better for the stocking, lake conditions, weather etc. President Myers reported that the fishing currently in the lake is good.

e. Election Process: President Myers mentioned getting the board back into sequence for Director terms. He mentioned that he had brought up at the last meeting of going from 12 directors back to 9 directors. That was voted down. He mentioned that the system of having 12 directors is overkill for what we have here. There were four descending votes the last time. President Myers asked if they were still firm in their voting decision. They were still firm. President Myers mentioned that we have to move forward from this point to correct the problem from years back. President Myers mentioned that after this next election, there will be six people elected but there will be different term limits on two of them. Todd Wilson added that if a director resigns, he cannot run again until his term is up.

Motion: Treasurer Ernie Sammons made the motion that we have six positions available. The
top four highest vote getters will get a three year term and the second two highest
vote getters will get a two year term. If a director resigns, dies, moves etc., then the
person replacing that position will serve the full remainder of that term.
Second: Todd Wilson
Motion Carried.

6. New Business:

a. Share Exchanges: Registrar Tommy Cook gave a report on shares exchanged. Only one share exchanged. Tommy also gave a report on keys for WMU employees and club guidelines for them to follow as they are under the same rules as regular club members. Discussion on club rules for families, including kids and guests.

b. Work Days by Board Members: President Myers complimented all the board members who have contributed their time and team efforts on several projects and events to date.

c. Dove Shoot: Treasurer Ernie Sammons passed out a handout, itinerary and notes, for all to see on the Dove Shoot scheduled for September 1st. He went over the items line by line along with a map on the overhead screen to help explain. The itinerary included lunch, presentations, announcements, drawing positions and help wanted (to include Grill Masters, KP, Eating Set-up, Hunting Guides and Refreshment server).

7. Director’s Comments:

a. Wayne Joslin: Wayne discussed the house on the Estill County property and it’s current condition. Tommy Cook mentioned that all on the board need to go look at the house. Wayne mentioned that the basement was in bad shape. President Myers said he would get up to the house in the near future with a camera and take pictures to lay out for the board.

b. Mike Lowry: Mike mentioned that he was approached by a teacher that teaches Mountain Biking, six to twelfth graders, to use the club grounds. They are currently riding at Lykins Park and are looking for a larger, safer, area to practice in. They would want to ride once a week. It was requested to Mike if he could bring before the board for them to use the club grounds to ride and practice on only from July to November. The group has it’s own insurance and there would be no liability to the CCFGC club. The teacher said he would be willing to come down and make the presentation to the board for the group. President Myers asked Mike to have him come down and make the presentation at the next board meeting.

c. Ernie Sammons: There was a further discussion on a request by WMU to have a one-day swim event. It is a group that WMU has endorsed. The water safety condition was discussed and it was mentioned that the group normally swims in the river. Todd Wilson brought up the insurance regulation and if it would be on WMU. President Myers mentioned that WMU had a waiver on that. 100% waiver with CCFGC not having any liability whatsoever for the event.

Motion: Treasurer Ernie Sammons made the motion for the CCFGC club to allow WMU to open the
lake for a one-day swim event.
Second: Todd Wilson
Motion Carried.

d. Tommy Cook: Tommy Cook brought up for the board to consider sponsoring a video of a young man giving fishing tips etc. The young man is well known in the community and is a member of the club.

8. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Motion: Todd Wilson
Second: Ernie Sammons
Motion Carried:

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the October 05, 2020 Board Meeting with amendments, per board member Bill Thiry, as folows:

Bill Thiry reported that there was a change to be made to Old Business, Section 5, Item e. Election Process, on the August 31st minutes: The original motion made by Ernie Sammons that with six positions available, “The top four highest vote getters will get a three year term and the second two highest vote getters will get a two year term”, should be changed to, “The top four (1 thru 4) highest vote getters will get a three year term, the next in sequence (5) highest vote getter will get a two year term and the next in sequence (6) highest vote getter will get a one year term”.

c. Bill Thiry also made a motion to amend the By-Laws to reflect, “If a director resigns, dies, moves, etc. then the position replacing that position will serve the full remainder of that term”. That was also a part of the motion above by Ernie Sammons in Old Business, Section 5, Item e. Election Process.

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