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Monday, August 3rd, 2020
August 03, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM.

Twelve Board Members Present.

Six Guests: Donald Parker, Greg Elkins, Jamie Pope, Jerry Martin and Rob Haney.

NOTE: It was discussed, and suggested, during the August 03 Board of Directors Meeting that I email the minutes to all the board members prior to the next upcoming meetings. In reviewing this, I have decided that it would be better to post the minutes on the CCFGC webpage as soon as completed. I recommend that all the board members review the minutes on the website, make note of any changes, and bring them up at the next meeting for possible amendments with full board approval. Any amendments made to the minutes should always be done with full board approval as they are a part of the official record of the club. The minutes are transcribed from a recording of the meeting and are as accurate as possible on motions, discussions, actions and procedures taken by the board. Dewey Pope, Secretary, CCFGC, August 08, 2020.

1. President John Myers Welcoming Comments: President Myers welcomed all, including guests, to the meeting. President Myers mentioned that it is a really tough time as we are going into our eighth month. We’ve endured a lot, we’ve gotten a lot accomplished with a lot still to do. The Governor has cut us back again, back to 10 or less which affects our meetings.

2. Secretary Report: Secretary Dewey Pope read July 06, 2020 board meeting minutes.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept July Minutes: Wayne Joslin
Motion Second: Jim Fluty
Motion Carried.
* There was a request by Bill Thiry during the reading of the minutes
that the eight-page request, from him dtd 5/29/20, to restore the share of a former board member whose share was sold to be added to the minutes. It was discussed by the board to not do this unless we had the permission of the former shareholder as his name is mentioned in the pages. The request was mentioned in the minutes but in condensed form with no mention of the former shareholder’s name. The request has been filed in the permanent records of the Secretary.

4. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons. July 2020 Treasurer Report given by Treasurer Ernie Sammons.

a. Ernie passed out copies of the treasurer report to all the board members. Ernie discussed the balance sheet, checking account, expenditures and the ramp repair costs. He discussed the profits and loss verses budget with the asphalt being the biggest expenditure. Treasurer Sammons asked everyone to look at the Jan thru July report and it could be discussed. The last pages discussed were the check register from January 1 and bank statements.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept the July Treasurer Report: Jonathan Campbell
Motion Second: Tommy Cook
Motion Carried.

5. Caretaker Report: Rufus Cravens read July Caretaker’s Report.

a. President Myers discussed the tractor situation and the action taken to fix.

Motion: Motion made to approve and accept Caretaker’s Report: Jonathan Campbell.
Motion Second: Bill Thiry.
Motion Carried:

6. Old Business:

a. Road Repair: President Myers called the Allen Company to get gravel sent but somehow we don’t have an account with the Allen Company. Ernie Sammons said he would get it taken care of the next day. President Myers said the road would be repaired when we get approved on that account.

b. Update on the Hume Farm: Jim Fluty reported no changes.

c. Update on the Estill County Farm: Wayne Joslin reported that the Estill County Farm is on track with everything.

7. New Business:

a. Caretaker Position: President Myers read a letter of intent submitted by Rufus Cravens. The letter stated that Rufus, and his family, have recently purchased land in Clark County and plan to start building a house in the next few weeks. He stated that he is optimistic about being in the house by spring of 2021. He stated that he intends to remain on as Caretaker until the house is completed tentatively on or around the end of March 2021. He stated that the letter was not a letter of resignation, at this time, nor for the end of March. He will keep the board informed and will give plenty of notice prior to submitting a resignation at a later date. President Myers said that we would move forward to be prepared when this day comes. President thanked Rufus for his service and that we certainly wish him the best of luck. Secretary Pope asked President Myers for a copy of the letter to submit to record in the official records.

b. Mowing Position: President Myers also mentioned that he had received an email from Tommy Cook. The email mentioned Tommy’s intent to step back from the mowing due to some issues that he was not happy with. President Myers asked Tommy if he was submitting the email as a resignation. Tommy replied yes for the most part but had brought it up at the last meeting about the mowing hours etc. There was no vote taken at that meeting concerning the mowing. President Myers mentioned that the new caretaker would retain the full position. Treasurer Sammons discussed what the position would look like if, and when, Rufus ever left. President Myers mentioned that he had planned to establish a committee headed up by Jim Fluty to develop the guidelines for a future caretaker. He asked for Jim to get a series of meetings possibly at least twice a month to expedite and if possible having Aug and Sept to develop the guidelines. The board would then have the option to approve or disapprove the guidelines set forth and would then accept applications, set up interviews and hopefully be able to announce to the membership that a new caretaker would be ready to take the position once Rufus vacates it. President Myers asked the board if they wanted Tommy to continue with the mowing and rescind his request to step down. Jim Fluty discussed the mowing hours etc. Tommy added that he would like to see one person do the mowing which would be the caretaker. Mike Lowry added that mowing the fields twice a year was fine, anything more than that would be a waste of money. Rob Haney added that why don’t we have someone to cut the hay from the fields. Todd Wilson added that was tried before but people could not be depended upon to do it. Jim Fluty mentioned that if Tommy doesn’t do it, who is going to do it in the interim. President Myers mentioned that he didn’t have a problem with coming down and mowing couple of swaths around the lake and Ernie mentioned that he could help out also, especially before the dove shoot. President Myers asked for a motion to accept Tommy’s resignation.

Motion: Motion made to accept Tommy’s resignation: Ernie Sammons
Motion Second: Randy Steagall
Motion Carried: (Tommy Cook abstained).
* Secretary Pope will post a copy of the email in the permanent record.

c. Membership Transfers: Registrar Tommy Cook gave the Membership Transfer report. Two
new members added to the club. Discussion on WMU, keys and right of way to Lake.

d. Update on 2020 Election Process: Ernie discussed the motion made last meeting of going from twelve to nine board members that was voted down. This is the best year to change back to nine members especially with six people running. President Myers asked if there was a reason why the members who voted no opposed the change. Todd Wilson mentioned that his vote was because of the workload. Wayne Joslin added that six people coming on the board at the same time is too much. Treasurer Sammons and President Myers brought up using outside sources to run and monitor the election. President Myers asked if the members who voted no were still firm in their votes. Bill Thiry mentioned that after the September meeting, we could call a special meeting to resolve the issue if it is not resolved in the September meeting, to get it done before October.

e. Web Design Update: Secretary Dewey Pope gave report on meeting with Adam Norsworthy from ATL Design, Development and Marketing Team. Bill Thiry had questions about working with the designer, price, entire content of the current webpage etc.

Motion: Motion made to accept ATL Web Design Firm to rebuild current CCFGC Webpage
including the quoted price, $3500.00. Payment of 50% upfront with two subsequent
payments of 25% each for a five to six week timeframe: Tommy Cook
Motion Second: Bill Thiry
Motion Carried:

f. Update on Fish Habitat Committee: Rob Haney gave a report on the Fish Habitat
Committee and when it was set up originally in 2019. He asked for volunteers to work with him on
the committee. Rob wants to get the process started as soon as possible. He also mentioned how
are we going to get the structures in the lake safely. It was suggested that we contact the owner
of the pontoon boat in the storage area to see if we could use it to carry and load the structures into the water.

g. Dove Fields and Process for Shoot: President Myers thanked Ernie Sammons for all the
time he has put into the Dove Fields. It was discussed about the complaints of the cannon fire
to keep the blackbirds away. Ernie discussed the cannon, setup and the timing of the firing etc.
Ernie discussed the food menu for the shoot and the most important thing, Safety. It was discussed
that the first day would be members only. President Myers mentioned that he would appoint Brad Myers to help on the cooking and Wayne Joslin, Tommy Cook to help also. Ernie also discussed start and quit times for the shoot, Sep 1st from 2 PM till 5 PM.

Motion: Motion made to purchase (1) Hay Spear, max $300.00: Randy Steagall
Motion Second: Bill Thiry
Motion Carried:

h. Reschedule September BOD Meeting: The first Monday in September is on
a holiday. It was decided to have the next BOD meeting on August 31st.

i. Rental House on Estill County Farm: Discussion on what to do with the house. President
Myers mentioned to have ideas by August 31st on disposition of house.

j. Roundtable Discussion:

Tommy Cook: Tommy mentioned the gravel washing out by the new blacktopped road. Todd
Wilson suggested bringing dirt over, tie on to it and slope it over. Mike Lowry mentioned that if it was graded properly, water runs to the ditches and the ditches take the water away. Todd said he would try to get out and check it out. Tommy also brought up the seat cushions in the clubhouse. He has samples to look at starting at $15.00 to $25.00 a square yard. The cost could be about $2000.00. Discussion on doing away with the cushions.

8. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn.

Motion: Todd Wilson made a motion to adjourn meeting.
Motion Second: Ernie Sammons
Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the August 31, 2020 Board meeting.

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