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Monday, July 6th, 2020
July 06, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:11 PM.

Eleven Members Participated. (Todd Wilson joined the meeting shortly after it started. Jonathan Campbell participated by phone and later joined meeting in person.

Randy Steagall absent.

Members present in person: Dewey Pope, Mike Lowry, Wayne Joslin, Tommy Cook, Ernie Sammons, John Myers, Jim Fluty, Todd Wilson, Bradley Wall, Jonathan Campbell and Bill Thiry.

Six Guests: Greg Elkins, Jamie Pope, Paula Cook, Brad Myers, Shane Green, Rob Haney and Lee Kerr.

1. President John Myers Welcoming Comments: President John Myers welcomed all to the meeting. The first full meeting since March as Juneís meeting was a combination of in-person and zoom conference call participants. President Myers mentioned that we had 10 directors to start which gave the board a quorum. President Myers welcomed all the guests. President mentioned that 2020 has been an extreme tough time for all, especially the club, as three meetings into the year we were forced to shut down. We had a lot of projects started and ongoing and President thanked all for the work and diligence to continue with those and get them accomplished with lots more to do. Weíve tried meetings by teleconferencing, zoom and meetings here but basically all failed. We accomplished some things but, as a rule, until we can get all the board together in the same room, with discussion, itís very difficult to make anything happen. President Myers mentioned that throughout his conversations with many of the board members, there have been some contentious moments, some peaks and valleys, some have been mended but some have not. At the end of this meeting, we are all responsible citizens, friends and responsible members of the board. All decisions and actions reflect on us here on the board and throughout the club. Your comments reflect on you personally, itís recorded and can be listened to at any time. If you have anything to say, think about it. Donít say anything before you think. Please remember to be gracious and cautious about what you say.

2. Secretary Report: Secretary Dewey Pope read March 02, 2020 minutes.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept March Minutes: Jim Fluty
Motion Second: Tommy Cook
Motion Carried.

Secretary Report: Secretary Dewey Pope read June 08, 2020 Minutes.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept June Minutes: Jim Fluty
Motion Second: Mike Lowry
Motion Carried.

3. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons. June 08, 2020 Treasurer Report given by Treasurer Ernie Sammons.

Ernie passed out copies of the treasurer report to all the board members. Ernie gave the current balance and that nothing else really changes. Discussed liability, taxes and income with nothing really happening there.

The gutters were budgeted and approved and have been completed. All replaced, all new downspouts with the leaf guard system discussed earlier.

Treasurer Sammons discussed the Dove Shoot and expenditures.

The parking lot area came in at $960.00 higher than original quoted price.

Motion: Treasurer Ernie Sammons made a motion to approve the extra amount.
Motion Second: Bill Thiry
Discussion: President Myers explained the reason for the extra cost.
Motion Carried.

Motion: Motion to approve and accept the Treasurer Report: Mike Lowry
Motion Second: Jim Fluty
Motion Carried.

4. Caretaker Report: Rufus Cravens read Caretakerís Report.

Door handles on left and right doors are very loose. Need a few floodlight bulbs replaced. Lights on front of clubhouse need replacing. Exit sign bulbs need to be replaced. Need to purchase some more AC air filters. Discussed dumpster situation with John. Bill Thiry asked what the price was to rent the pressure washer and how often do we use it. Price was $58.00. Rufus mentioned that he pressure washes the clubhouse once a year. President Myers asked if there were any objections to Rufus fixing the lights on the front of clubhouse. No objections. President Myers told Rufus to go ahead and follow thru on replacing lights/fixtures.

Motion: Motion made by Bill Thiry to replace and fix the lights.
Motion Second: Mike Lowry
Motion Carried:

5. Old Business:

a. Gatehouse Repairs: Bill Thiry mentioned that itís only a matter of time before the controls fall off the wall. Structures not good with pretty bad leaks. President Myers asked for options. Tommy Cook mentioned putting wood around and then adding tin. Bill added that both roofs are crumbling. President Myers asked Jonathan Campbell for a solution. (his voice was not audible as he was calling in and the recorder did not pick up well). Ernie mentioned using small boxes to house the controls in. The boxes are weather tight. Ernie mentioned getting bids and then looking at when we have numbers. President Myers said to table at this time and he will look into getting some options and have ready by next meeting.

6. New Business:

a. Update On New Members: Registrar Tommy Cook gave report on new members. Bill Thiry asked why it was taking so long to get this information on line. Tommy mentioned that he had not entered the information because he wasnít supposed to enter information onto the website. Discussion continued about the confusion on whether or not he was to enter info onto web page. John mentioned that the page was opened back up for him to enter and Tommy said he would get info entered. Bill Thiry asked how many shares had been sold this year. Tommy added that there was four recently plus two others from earlier in the year with the total being six. There was an extended discussion between John, Tommy and Bill on the website situation.

Jim Fluty made a suggestion for Bill to set down with Tommy and work this out. Jim said that if something were to happen to Bill, we need to have someone to go behind him and fix what needs to be fixed. Jim Mentioned that somebody is going to have to take Billís place next year when he goes off the board to maintain the website at which time it might be Tommy, or someone else, whoever is elected to be the next registrar. Mike Lowry also mentioned that we have to get this taken care of as Bill wonít be on the board next year. President Myers said he could see problems on both sides of the issue. He mentioned to Bill that if the information he is giving to Tommy is not comprehended correctly it can cause confusion.

Dewey Pope made a suggestion that the website we currently have is old, out of date, built twenty years ago and very hard to understand. He mentioned that we need to find someone to build a new website that is up to date with current technology and much more user friendly. We need to change just having one person only that maintains it and have several trustworthy people on the board, maybe even the executive committee, to be able to use it and back each other up. President Myers mentioned why not start now so Bill could even help the new designer to bring everything from the old website into a new one.

Ernie mentioned making a motion to explore and research new webpage development.

Motion: Motion made by Ernie Sammons to find someone to build a new website.
Motion Second: Mike Lowry

Discussion: There was an Extended discussion on website developers in the Winchester and Central Kentucky area. Mike Lowry asked how important is it to have a website when we could just keep all the information here on a data base. There was discussion on this possibility. Greg Elkin mentioned a website company in Frankfort, KY. Greg said the company built the website for his company very reasonably. Bill Thiry mentioned a website developer who does one for a local company.

Motion Carried: (Dewey Pope to get with these companies and research other possibilities as well).

b. Re-opening of Clubhouse: President Myers mentioned that was number one his list and probably one of the most important decisions made tonight. He mentioned that we can open up under state guidelines and asked for questions and input. Treasurer Ernie Sammons mentioned that he would like to see it opened up under state guidelines, fifty people or fewer for private events. He mentioned there is no way we can open for the dinner meetings because we usually have a hundred, to hundred thirty, but open up to family reunions and private events and itís their responsibilities to follow the guidelines. Tommy Cook mentioned to have the families that use the clubhouse make sure they properly clean and disinfect the area. President Myers mentioned that we have to trust the people that use the clubhouse as good rule abiders. The re-opening has to be set to current and future guidelines set forth by the Governor. President Myers mentioned that whoever signs the contract for usage will have to be instructed that, because of the virus, they will have to clean it and it will be inspected. Todd Wilson asked about the cleaning responsibilities and the condition before and after the clubhouse is used and also, do we provide the cleaning supplies or them. President Myers asked if there was an agreement and it was verified that there is just a booking process with a penalty if it is not cleaned after usage. President mentioned that he would work on a contract agreement and that he would send a copy to all for additions, deletions etc. He said it would be a week or so before he could have it ready.

President called for a motion to re-open the clubhouse immediately.

Motion: Treasurer Ernie Sammons made a motion open the clubhouse back up to individual parties subject to State Guidelines.
Motion Second: Mike Lowry
Motion Carried.

c. Election Process for 2021: Ernie passed out handout on election of directors for 2021. Anything in red is a question. What does the board want to do. Ernie mentioned the handout was food for thought only with no decisions to be made tonight. Jim Fluty mentioned that we need to fix the amount of directors going on. He mentioned that he was going to research and work on it to see what we can do to get it back on line. Jim mentioned that if a director drops off whoever fills that slot fills the exact amount of unexpired term left. President Myers mentioned that this be addressed at the next meeting.

d. Updated Scheduling for Sludge Removal on the Ramps: Extended discussion on when to do the removal, in the fall or now while the lake is low. President Myers showed the board a picture of a boat, on itís trailer, with the boat still not in the water. This was on the clubhouse ramp. This was because there is so much gravel fill on the ramp preventing boats from being able to load off their trailers. He mentioned that we are at peak time for fishing and our members canít get their boats in the water without having to get down into the water. The other ramp is also a problem because of the silt/sludge buildup. President Myers said that right now we have a situation at hand that needs to be addressed

Motion: Ernie Sammons made motion to fix clubhouse ramp.
Motion Second: Dewey Pope

Discussion: Mike Lowry mentioned that the clubhouse ramp could not be fixed. Mike said itís too early to do anything to the ramps because there is still thirty or forty foot of mud blocking you from getting out. He says that any work done now will just build back up and be the same problem. Ernie mentioned that John is only talking about cleaning up the ramps now. It is a temporary fix. Rob Haney suggested shutting the WMU side ramp down and cleaning the gravel out from the clubhouse ramp and using the gravel collected to fill in the pot holes on the road. Brad Myers suggested building a new ramp somewhere else on the lake. Extended discussion of building new ramp elsewhere and cleaning clubhouse ramp.

Motion tabled until next meeting.

e. Update on Road Gravel: Todd Wilson gave update on road situation and pot holes. extended discussion of road gravel situation. President Myers to take care of gravel on the roads.

f. Update on Air Conditioning Issues: President Myers asked Tommy Cook, as he was here when the AC contractor came to the clubhouse, and what his recommendation was. Tommy mentioned that the contractor said he couldnít justify it. The contractor said that when you put the returns in, by the time they draw the air back up it would be hot. He said it would be a waste of money.

g. Clubhouse Gutter Replacement: Ernie gave the update on the gutter replacement on the clubhouse. The contractor, Terry Flora, did an excellent job.

h. Update on Road Blacktopping: President Myers mentioned that from what he has heard from the directors, everyone is very happy with what was done. There was some question about water running down the ditches. He mentioned that both Dewey Pope and Tommy Cook had mentioned water and gravel washing up onto the road and down to the ramp during a couple of heavy rains. He said that was from the gravel from where they done the grade work. President Myers feels that the ditch is sufficient and that we would have to watch it to see where we are at. Dewey Pope mentioned that he did come down during one of the last rains and the water was draining all the way down the ditch area but there was gravel coming over the right side of the road just before the curve around to the ramp. Todd Wilson mentioned that instead of taking out all of the rip rock he just used it as a barrier and went down and cut beside it and the water is flowing over it and running right beside the blacktop. Todd mentioned putting topsoil beside the blacktop to prevent the overflow.

i. Update on Fish Stocking: Mike Lowry gave an update of the fish stocking. He mentioned that a lot of people are wanting to get back to stocking catfish. He checked on the catfish suppliers, one in Arkansas and he talked to Rufus for some possibilities. He said it looked like they would have to come out of Arkansas and he still doesnít have prices. The supplier said that he had striped bass, theyíre in the pond and everything is on schedule. We should be getting them in September. Mike mentioned that he didnít want to stock the catfish in July or August because of the mortality rate. If we put them in during the Spring, it gives everybody a better opportunity to catch them.

j. Update on Aquatic Control: President Myers mentioned that we all heard the Aquatic Control report and that the number one problem with the lake is the lack of fish attractors. Going back several months, Rob Haney agreed to chair the committee on fish attractors and assembly of them. President Myers asked Rob for any suggestions and that we have money allotted to build the fish attractors. President Myers mentioned that the sooner we can get a meeting together and the attractors put into the lake, the better off we will be. He has a report that he will give to Rob that has a map of the lake with where the attractors should be placed. He mentioned that we need to get them in by early fall. There is to be no wood used. Bill Thiry asked if the locations were pre-approved and the answer was yes that they were approved by WMU.

k. Update on Washington and Estill County Farms: President Myers mentioned that Jim Fluty has been keeping up on the Washington County Farm. Jim gave an update on the farm and that the caretaker was going to cut for hay. Jim has a good working relationship built with the caretaker. Jim mentioned that probably in August he was going to plant winter wheat beans and a mix of other things, about three acres and that he would bush hog whatever he couldnít get for hay, They talked about Alfalfa but he had planted before and it was too much money to take care of. President Myers asked Wayne Joslin about the Estill County Farm. He mentioned that the caretaker wanted to try Alfalfa but it is a shot in the dark. Rob Haney mentioned doing soil samples for the Alfalfa as the PH is critical. Rob mentioned that the PH number needs to 6.5 to 7.2. Rob mentioned to do soil samples before anything else is done. He said the extension office will do them and tell what the soil samples are. Wayne asked how big of a sample do you need to take and Rob said three to four. Wayne said they looked at several different places to set food plots. Discussion on acreage of Estill Farm.

l. Update on Dove Fields: Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave report on the dove fields. The upper field looks great. The other field was full of johnson grass. Chemicals have been used and it is killing it out. Ernie mentioned that we need to thank Martin Hatler, Brad and Johnny Myers, Todd Wilson and Jonathan Campbell and Tommy Cook for all the work done on the fields and also Bill Quisenberry. Itís because of him that we have those fields. September 1st is the opening day. President Myers asked Ernie how many people normally attend the shoot and what are the guidelines. Will there be dinner. The hunters have been fed on past shoots. Todd Wilson mentioned that on the last shoot there were hamburgers and hot dogs, a raffle for shotgun shells and approximately twenty hunters in attendance. Ernie Sammons mentioned having pork chops. Rufus mentioned that sometimes it depends on the day of the week for the shoot, if there are other shoots close by which can affect attendance etc. Ernie discussed safety issues for the shoot.

m. Update on By-Laws with Amendment to Reduce Board to Nine Members: President Myers mentioned that he firmly believes that this is something that should strongly be considered because of twelve being an even number and remembering what we went through for last yearís election. Nine is a better number. Ernie mentioned that the motion would be to amend the by-laws from twelve to nine. This would go into effect immediately but would have no effect on the current board members until January 1st, 2021. The reasoning would be, there is at least six board seats to be filled in 2021. We are going to have to run six people and this would be a perfect year to make that change. Ernie mentioned that we could have three major dinners, Fish Fry, Pig Roast and Christmas Dinner and all would chip in to help on those leaving nine for individual director chosen months. When it was done 25, or 30 years ago, we didnít know about the problems it would create. Bradley Wall mentioned the meals and President Myers emphasized that we are not eliminating the meals. President Myers asked for comments. Tommy Cook suggested making the motion and see where it goes.

Motion: Ernie Sammons made the motion that we amend the by-laws, Article three, section two by striking the word twelve and replacing with the word nine and this would go into effect immediately and would have not effect on the number of board members until January 1st, 2021. The election in December 2020 would only be for three and not six.

Motion Second: Wayne Joslin

Discussion: Jim Fluty suggested that we need to change the other place in the by-laws that deals with term fulfillment if someone drops off. The whole term, not just until the next election. The remainder of the current term. Dewey Pope mentioned that we need to start from scratch on the by-laws, use what we can and build a whole new set of by-laws that are updated to who we are and what we are now. Tommy Cook mentioned that two people can read it two different ways at the same time. Ernie mentioned that this is a way to fix not having six people to be running in the future. This is the perfect year to fix this. We would be voting for three instead of six and have a full board of nine. Discussion brought up by Bill Thiry about the December election of officers. Bill mentioned that we elected officers in December and we should have done it in January. Ernie mentioned that the new board gets to elect officers when they want. Jim Fluty mentioned that by going with an odd number it keeps us from having ties.

Roll Call Vote taken: Dewey Pope-Yes, Todd Wilson-No, Jonathan Campbell-No, Bill Thiry-No, Bradley Wall-No, Mike Lowry-Yes, Tommy Cook-Yes, Jim Fluty-Yes, Wayne Joslin-Yes, Ernie Sammons-Yes, John Myers-Yes. (Discussion on whether the President can vote)

Motion Failed: (Motion failed due to lack of 2/3 majority)

n. Rental House on Estill County Farm: Ernie mentioned that the tenant in the Estill County Farm rental house sent him a text saying she might be buying a house in Richmond. Evidently she did buy the house and the electric is not working on the farm gate.

Motion: Motion made by Todd Wilson for Treasurer Ernie Sammons to set up an account with Clark Energy for the farm house.
Motion Second: Bill Thiry
Motion Carried:

7. Directorís Roundtable Discussion:

Tommy Cook: Tommy asked if the board was ok with the five hours contracted for the mowing. What he has been doing is double, way over that. He is fine with doing the five hours but itís not going to look as good. He mentioned that he has been doing way over that. He mentioned that we have to mow the fields per WMUís requirements. President Myers mentioned that is twice a year. President Myers said for him to do the five hours and park it. Tommy also mentioned that he would like to respectively ask to be reinstated back onto the website to enter his Registrar information. President Myers discussed the situation on the website with Tommy and Bill Thiry. There was a lot of confusion on this situation with Tommy being blocked from the website. John mentioned there was an agreement made but Tommy later contacted Bill that he still needed access to enter his information. Dewey Pope called John and asked for Tommy to be reinstated upon which John called Bill and he was reinstated. John discussed the situation further. President Myers asked for the boardís input on this situation. Tommy further discussed his need to be able to access the website for things such as the Trading Post, dealing with shares bought etc. Bill gave input on what he felt Tommy needed or didnít need on the website input. Tommy mentioned that he, John, Ernie, Dewey and Wayne, as the executive committee officers, should have total access to everything on the website. Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave input asking Bill why is it not reasonable to train someone else to do all the things he does on the website. Ernie asked if Bill would be willing to train someone else to do what he does on the website. Bill said he would. Mike Lowry mentioned that more than one needed to be trained as Bill would not be here next year. Mike Lowry also mentioned itís the board decision on who needs to be trained, not Billís. Jim Fluty mentioned that people need to be trained to do these jobs due to the changes in the board, and officers, annually. Dewey Pope mentioned that this is the main reason to have a new updated website that is up to date with current technology, user friendly and to have multiple people on the board trained to back each other up. Jim Fluty re-emphasized that we need multiple people trained so that it can still be maintained and that currently, Tommy needs to have access to do his job. President Myers asked Bill if Tommy now has access to do everything he needs to do his job. Dewey Pope asked Bill what part of the website that he doesnít want anyone else to have access to. Greg Elkins explained that Donald Parker set it up several years ago that each officer, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and Registrar all have access to their individual areas but cannot access the otherís areas. Bill added input about this explanation by Greg. Tommy added that in the past Bill has had total access but when he took over the Registrarís position, things split.

Motion: President Myers made the motion to grant total access to the website to Tommy Cook, Ernie Sammons and Dewey Pope.
Motion Second: Wayne Joslin
Motion Carried: (6 Yes - 4 No. President abstained. No votes were - Todd Wilson-No, Bill Thiry-No, Jonathan Campbell-No and Bradley Wall-No)

Wayne Joslin: Wayne Joslin asked about changing the by-laws with a 2/3 vote. Ernie mentioned looking up the last by-law Articles of Incorporation signed by John Myers in 1988. Mike Lowry said that was not right and that it was brought up by him to be changed and updated in 2004. Ernie discussed the by-laws that he had looked up. Mike Lowry mentioned that he was told it was done in Frankfort. Extended discussion on when by-laws changes have been made. No exact clarification.

Bill Thiry: Bill discussed 2 different lists of shares for sale. The website list and Tommy Cook has a list. Dewey Pope mentioned that if a share is sold by the club, due to someone not paying their dues, that share should automatically go to the website list for the top name on the list to purchase. Otherwise, what is the list for. If itís individuals buying from each other, thatís ok. Billís question is, where are we going to maintain the list, on the website or with individuals. Bradley Wall mentioned that the list has to be updated constantly. Extended discussion on lists, master lists etc. Bill discussed the sale of a former board memberís share. Bill had six exhibits, seven pages total, outlining why a former board memberís share sold was invalid, improper and unjustified. Bill went on to read each exhibit. Bill finished by saying that in order to correct this wrong, the club must issue a new share certificate to the person mentioned in the exhibits for $1975.00 with no transfer fee applicable. At this point, Treasurer Ernie Sammons explained his actions on the sale of this club members share. He mentioned that he had made several efforts to get in touch with the member with no success. He mentioned that based on the by-laws it could have been sold on January 5th or 6th also mentioning that Bill had sold several like that. Ernie explained that the share was not taken away in January. It was taken in March after everything possible was done until there was no choice. Extended discussion between Bill and Ernie with other board member input as well.

Motion: Bill Thiry made a motion to restore the board memberís share
Motion Second: Bradley Wall
Motion Failed:

* There is a copy of these exhibit pages filed in the 2020 Secretary Minutes book for the record as they were too long to record in these minutes.

Rufus Cravens: Discussion on Dumpster and access to it through the gate, using a lock etc.

8. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn.

Motion: Todd Wilson made a motion to adjourn meeting.
Motion Second: Jonathan Campbell
Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the August 03, 2020 Board meeting.

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