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Monday, June 8th, 2020
June 08, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM.

Eleven Members Participated. Randy Steagall absent.

Members present in person: Dewey Pope, Mike Lowry, Wayne Joslin, Tommy Cook, Ernie Sammons, John Myers and Jim Fluty.

Zoom Participants: Bradley Wall, Bill Thiry, Jonathan Campbell and Todd Wilson.
Two Guests: Greg Elkins and Jamie Pope.

1. Secretary Dewey Pope discussed March 02, 2020, minutes and April 07, 14, conference calls and April 16 meeting. Board decided to move reading and approving of March 02, 2020 meeting until July Board Meeting. The April conference calls and meeting were only for informational updates and not official meetings. There are minutes for those if needed.

2. Treasurer Report by Ernie Sammons. March 02, 2020 Treasurer Report to be read and approved at July 06, 2020 meeting. April, May and June reports will be gone over as well.

3. Old and New Business discussed includes:

a. Re-opening of Clubhouse: President John Myers talked about reopening of clubhouse. Probably not until August, or September, and still following Government guidelines. Bill Thiry mentioned June 29th and we would be allowed 50 people. The monthly meal meetings generally exceed 50 people so that would take them out of the question.

b. July Board Meeting and date: It was discussed to have the next official Board Meeting in July on the 6th, 1st Monday in July at 6:00 PM. Bill Thiry mentioned following limited restrictions on that meeting. No meal, just the Board of Directors.

c. Fish Stocking Report: President Myers asked Mike Lowry to give the Fish Stocking report. Mike contacted three fish farms. The Winchester fishery quoted $1.50 per fish saying they would be three to four inches by fall. The other fish farms were higher or did not get back with Mike. Mike called Tim Parrot and he said the fish would be ready by August. Mike told him that August would not work due to heat etc. He agreed to hold back until September. 900 hybrid striped bass were discussed per the recommendations of the fish survey and Mike said he was going exactly with they suggested. Costs for the 900 fish would be $1,350.00. Bill Thiry suggested making a motion to approve and it was related that this had already been voted on and approved. President Myers mentioned the possible stocking of other species, especially channel catfish. Wayne Joslin mentioned that a lot of members have asked about channel cats and that they like to fish for them. Mike Lowry to check this out.

d. Ramp road (clubhouse side) progress: Road on Clubhouse side of the lake will be blacktopped during the coming week. Todd Wilson has worked on ditching beside road and had no comments stating that everything has gone good so far. President Myers mentioned sowing back over the ditching and Todd said to wait and see how it does before resowing. Ernie Sammons suggested that the Gate should be locked while work is being done on road. All agreed. Post on Internet for members to know. Tommy to turn gate off while work is being done.

e. Clubhouse Gutters: Treasurer Ernie Sammons discussed clubhouse gutter replacement and prices. When checked, the gutters were completely stopped up.

Ernie Sammons made a motion to have Terry Flora replace gutters, downspouts and
add gutter guards on the clubhouse. Cost for gutters, downspouts, labor totals $2,184.40.
To add gutter guards adds another $1,040.00 for a final total of $3,224.40.

Motion Second: Wayne Joslin.

Motion Discussion: Bill Thiry mentioned using email to approve the motion, President
Myers agreed. Approval, or disapproval, email will be sent out by Ernie Sammons to
provide a record of it. President asked for additional questions. Todd Wilson mentioned
another vendor and it was brought up that they never followed up after coming down for
the bid.

Email votes received with twelve approving. Motion carried.

*(Todd Wilson felt we didnít need the gutter guards with the reason being that the
downspouts have three inch screws in each side. Bill Thiry also questioned the need
for gutter guards because of the overly long screws on the downspouts.

f. Discussion with WMU on Lake Moss and Chemicals: President Myers has talked to WMU about the Moss problem. They are checking on a chemical, Notex, but are not sure about EPA guidelines. They will let us know what they find out on the chemical. Mike Lowry mentioned that we do not want to kill out all the vegetation. President Myers mentioned Joe Carrier using Alfalfa bales in the lake.

g. Fence Repair: President Myers talked to Todd Wilson about this. Todd mentioned that the last time he checked they were running low on available stock with only about twenty boards. Todd said he would be there the next morning and would check on it.

h. Return Air Ducts (clubhouse): President Myers mentioned the return air duct problem in the clubhouse. Bill Thiry discussed this mentioning a vendor saying that the ducts were not correct. President Myers has an appointment with a vendor on June 29th to come and evaluate and tell us what is wrong and hopefully we can get it fixed before we open back up.

I. Dove Shoot (field progress): President Myers talked about the crab, or johnson grass, in the dove fields. Ernie Sammons said the fields looks good and the plants are coming up good. It was suggested to leave the grass for now but keep any eye on it. President Myers asked who on the board was in control of the dove shoot. President Myers was made the CEO of the Dove fields.

J. Caretaker Report: President Myers read the Caretaker Report. There were no questions on it.

Ernie Sammons made a motion to accept and approve Caretaker Report.

Motion Second: Jim Fluty

Email votes received with twelve approving. Motion carried.

k. Fish Attractors: Discussion of fish attractors. President Myers talked to Duke at WMU and Rob Haney. There are some in back of clubhouse and we have materials to make more. We have not used any of the money, $2,500.00, approved for the fish attractors. President Myers mentioned using a pontoon, with motor, to set the attractors into the lake.

4. Directors Roundtable Discussion:

Ernie Sammons made motion to go ahead with Ramp Cleanup. Costs will be $320.00 per
hour at approximately 10 hours to total $3,200.00 while lake is down regardless of when
it is down.

Motion Second: Jim Fluty.

Motion Discussion: Bill Thiry asked how it is to be done, how it would affect the
blacktop and why we are doing it now. Explained to him that the WMU side would be
done first by using tanker truck to suck out silt and gravel. Ernie mentioned
that Ryan Burns, contractor, suggested doing now while lake is down. There was more
discussion on when to do it. Mike Lowry mentioned that the lake is lowest in the Fall.

Emails votes received with nine approving. Motion carried.

*(Todd Wilson disapproved. He had questions and concerns on where itís going to be
dumped and how long it takes to haul and dump material. He mentioned he was just
trying to get the best bang for the buck. Jon Campbell disapproved and added
that we wait until the fall until WMU quits pumping trash back into the lake to proceed.
If we get that change he will be a yes vote. Bill Thiry voted no to the motion
because to do the ramp cleanup before the filtration plant ceases operation in August, or
September, would be a total waste of money. He will vote yes if the cleanup is done
after the filtration plant is closed.)

Jim Fluty: Met with Jody Mattingly at Hume Farm. He mentioned lack of communication with us on food plots etc. Jim assured him that would not be an issue from now on or at least the next three years. He didnít feel like it was good enough to cut for hay. He and Jim checked it and it was really high. He talked about rolling it. He talked about putting in winter wheat, beans, turnips and radishes. He will plant and we need to vote on in July. He will plant in August. More discussion about the farm and food plots etc. Jim to go back down in July or August.

Wayne Joslin: Discussed food plots at Estill County Farm. Would like board permission to contact caretaker of Estill County Farm. Ernie asked Wayne pick a dollar amount so we can approve in August. Wayne wants club approval and will check with Otis on costs so he can make a motion in July meeting to be ready to go in August.

Ernie Sammons: Mentioned that Estill County farm tenant, Leslie Strong,sent him a letter indicating she may be buying a house in Madison County. So, we may be without a tenant. Something to think about. What do we want to do with the property. Discussion on money spent in past years. We are not making money on the property. Bill Thiry mentioned we were supposed to address that.

Tommy Cook: Discussed mowing. Using zero turn to mow on WMU side of property. They are not paying us to mow on their side. Rufus mentioned they told him not to mow outside the gate. Check with WMU to see if we can use their zero turn mower. Discussion on mowing with bush hog etc. President checked contract with WMU. It only says mowing in normal farm practices. Tommy mentioned that he could take the mower over on the trailor. Ernie mentioned that once they fill the ponds in, it will be a great space for parking, picnic shelter etc. President Myers mentioned that personally he would mow with a bush hog otherwise itís must more wear and tear on the zero turn.

Discussion on road gravel and talking to WMU about splitting costs with us. John asked Todd Wilson how to handle the road situation.

Tommy Cook made a motion to fix potholes on club roads.

Motion Second: Ernie Sammons

Motion Discussion: Bill Thiry suggested having Todd Wilson to tailgate the gravel.
Todd mentioned it depended on driver and road conditions. John asked Todd for suggestions
on how to handle it. Todd said he would get out there this week and see what he could
come up with. Tommy also mentioned that he had someone that could tailgate it.

Email votes received with twelve approving. Motion carried.

*(Bill Thiry feels that we really need to have Todd Wilson oversee the process of
spreading gravel and filling the potholes. Tommy Cook totally agreed with Bill Thiry
on Todd overseeing the road and pothole filling on WMU side as he is over the roadways
and thanked him for his input. Tommy mentioned that he gets calls and messages on
this subject every day and he is glad to have it off his responsiblilites.

5. Bill Thiry asked about The Youth Fishing Day. President said it was cancelled and Bill said it was pending. President asked when it was held. Itís usually always in May. It was discussed that there was no way we could do it this year because of the Pandemic.

6. President Myers called for a motion to adjourn.

Treasurer Ernie Sammons made a motion to adjourn meeting.

a. Motion Second: Wayne Joslin

b. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the July 06, 2020 Board meeting.

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