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Monday, March 2nd, 2020
March 02, 2020

Vice President Wayne Joslin called meeting to order at 6:06 PM:

Ten Board members present. President John Myers and Randy Steagall absent.

Three guests present.

1. Secretary Dewey Pope read February 2020 minutes for acceptance and approval.

a. Todd Wilson brought up that the entry in the Dove Shoot section (item 23), at last
board meeting, “Rufus Cravens mentioned to check with Mr. Codell” was
for chemicals, not seed.

Minutes will be amended to show that entry.

b. A motion was made to accept and approve minutes by Todd Wilson.
c. Second by: Tommy Cook.
d. Vice President called for vote. Motion carried.

2. Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave Treasurer Report:

a. Treasurer Sammons walked the board through the budget that he passed out.
b. He went over balance sheet, accounts receivable, fixed assets, accounts payable,
notes payable, P& L, year to date expenditures and expenses. This is a snapshot
of where we are now.
c. Treasurer asked for questions:

Question: Bill Thiry asked about $100.00 donation to Animal Shelter and did it
need to be in the minutes. Discussion on adding to minutes.

a. Bill Thiry made the motion to approve $100.00 to Animal Shelter.
b. Second by: Jonathan Campbell
c. Vice President called for a vote. Motion carried.

3. Treasurer Sammons asked for questions on financial report. None

a. Motion made to accept Treasurer Report by Jim Fluty.
b. Second by: Bradley Wall.
c. Vice President called for vote. Motion carried.

Old Business:

4. Discussion about when to do the Aquatic Control fishing report. Let all get seated with food and then start the presentation or wait till after all have eaten? Still open for final decision. Talk to Aquatic Control also for their input.

5. Registrar Tommy Cook talked about the gate acting up again. Box needs to be redone because of exposed wiring. Always fails going in, not going out. Extended discussion on this. Jonathan Campbell to check out.

New Business:

6. Dove Shoot. Do we need to turn ground over? When to seed? Ernie Sammons talked about turning, weather etc. Todd Wilson also talked about the weather factor. Mike Lowry talked about tree line and Tommy Cook talked about hay rolls. Bill Thiry mentioned Don Parker has tiller that he might sell us. He will talk to him about it. Discussion about renting tiller from Culton (By-Pass Rental). Vice President mentioned that there might be club members that could come over and help us out etc. Ernie mentioned that Dudley Taylor was interested in leasing a section from Edgington to have a second field, if so, we could plow all at one time if agreed upon.

7. Meeting on March 11th to discuss Dove Field, Survey and Contractor on road repair.

8. Jonathan Campbell will not be at next meeting due to his business.

Jonathan Campbell discussed A/V Monitor Project.

9. Jonathan mentioned that the sky is the limit on what we want to do but we don’t want the cheapest equipment. We want reliable equipment. He’s looking at LG and Samsung. For three 75” monitors, 4K Samsung or LG, priced at about $1000.00 each. Also, three articulating mounts which run at about $175.00 each. He talked about cables and HDMI splitter needed. For everything, cost would be around $4075.00. We will need electrician also. He also talked to AT&T. Jonathan talked about another solution, OPR Mobile, runs off AT&T network with no data caps. He talked about the placement of Monitors in room.

10. Treasurer Ernie Sammons asked the Board what they thought before adding to budget. Should we wait until we get the membership surveys back. Registrar Tommy Cook added that we should put it on the survey as well as several Board members agreeing. Survey to ask, “Would you consider adding $5,000.00 to pay for A/V system”. (Hopefully we could come in at around $4075.00. $5,000.00 should cover all costs including electrician etc).

11. A/V System will be put into Survey and see what membership has to say.

Caretaker Report:

12. Vice President gave Caretaker Report as Rufus Cravens was not able to be at meeting.

NOTE: In Rufus’s report, two non-member individuals, from Lexington, KY, were
issued two individual citations by Rufus Cravens for entry on land without
consent and fishing without a license. They parked in clubhouse parking lot and
walked down to the lake.

a. Motion was made to accept and approve Caretaker Report by Todd Wilson.
b. Motion seconded.
c. President called for vote: Motion carried.

Membership Survey:

13. Vice President Joslin mentioned Hume and Estill county farms and usage.

14. Secretary Pope read from a list prepared by Treasurer Ernie Sammons that included fifteen questions to be asked. That list also had a cover letter explaining what the survey was all about.

15. Registrar Tommy Cook talked about adding to the survey the use of our clubhouse shed and shelter in the back for picnic opportunities etc.

16. Treasurer Sammons talked about building a wedding barn or setting up for more Winchester venues such as Boy Scout Fund Raiser, Leadership Roasts and many more. He mentioned these are ideas that we are going to be talking about in years to come.

17. Registrar Tommy Cook talked about using Estill County farm for outside functions etc.

18. When do we need to send survey out. Hopefully this month. Committee to be put together to work it out, bring before Board and mail out. To be discussed at March 11th meeting.

Roundtable Discussion:

19. Wayne Joslin: Youth Fishing Day. Date: May 16th with a prep day on May 15th.

a. Committee: Tommy Cook, Jonathan Campbell, Dewey Pope, Wayne Joslin, Don Puckett,
Jerry Martin, Bill Thiry, Todd Wilson, Mike Lowry and Ernie Sammons.
b. Discussion about displays, donations, weed situation and fishing equipment.
c. Meeting to be held on Monday, 16 March at 6:00 PM.

20. Bill Thiry: (1) Discussed Trading Post. Look at and let him know what you think. Last name entered is last name on list. The first name entered is first on the list etc. Whenever an entry is made it is assigned an item ID. At end of line is verbiage explaining which is first and which is last. He explained how to add and what is told to the person adding. Posted for 10 years. There was an extended discussion from the Board on this item. (2) Bill also added that people haven’t paid for clubhouse use. Ernie explained and said he would work out with Kaye. (3) Bill also mentioned inviting WMU personnel to the next meeting, or dinner.

21. Tommy Cook: (1) People called him about gunshots close to club property. Mike Lowry mentioned a round buzzing over his head and hitting close behind him. (2) More gravel needed on road.

22. Dewey Pope: (1) WMU Committee. Extended discussion on our relationship with WMU. (2) Discussed binders with hard copies of minutes from 2010 thru 2020.

23. Vice President asked guests for any questions. None

24. Vice President called for adjournment:

a. A motion was made by Todd Wilson to adjourn.
b. Second by: Bill Thiry.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the July 06, 2020 Board meeting.

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