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Monday, February 3rd, 2020
February 03, 2020

10 Board members present. Randy Steagall and Bradley Wall absent.

5 Guests present.

President John Myers Called meeting to order at 6:06 PM.

1. Secretary Dewey Pope read January 2020 minutes for acceptance and approval.

a. Bill Thiry brought up that his suggestion at last board meeting of using
blind carbon emails was not noted in the minutes.
Minutes will be amended to show that entry.

b. A motion was made to accept and approve minutes by Ernie Sammons.
c. Second by: Bill Thiry.
d. President called for vote. Motion carried.

Old Business:

2. President John Myers brought up membership survey any asked for any questions from board. He mentioned that all need to compile questions asked to be added to survey in month of February if possible. He will bring up at next dinner/meeting.

3. President Myers talked about Mrs. Elkins presentation on food/pot-luck etc. He asked for any questions and mentioned that it was an excellent presentation. Is it possible to feed the dinner groups without spending 8,000.00 annually? President has always felt that $8,000.00 was pretty high. Would it not be in our best interest to do meals that are not pot-luck? Can meals be provided for less than $500.00? Money can be saved and membership would not have to be counted on to bring food each meal. Can we arrange menus that include anything from hot dogs/hamburgers to rib eye steaks but under a reasonable price range. Tommy Cook mentioned that people have asked why do we have to bring food when we have already paid. Rufus Cravens mentioned that some people have not been able to bring pot-luck because of their work hours. Tommy mentioned doing away with pot-luck and have it as Directorís Choice.

4. A motion was made by Tommy Cook to do away with pot-luck dinners.

a. Todd Wilson mentioned do we still have to have a budget set for the meals.
b. Treasurer Ernie Sammons mentioned setting a cap at $500.00 although there will be some meals that will cost more such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fish Fry, etc.
c. Motion Second by Ernie Sammons.
d. President called for vote. Motion carried.

*(Bill Thiry added to not forget desserts and how they would be factored in).

New Business: None

Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave treasurer report:

5. Treasurer Sammons mentioned that the report was all part of the eight-page package that he had passed out.

6. Treasurer Sammons gave complete report including first two pages being balance sheets, cash received and accounts payable, fixed assets, payroll liabilities, dues paid and not paid, reserve account, and aging summaries, etc.

7. Treasurer Sammons discussed insurance quote from Van Meter Insurance. He mentioned a 26.3% savings by switching to Van Meter Insurance.

*(There was a discussion on this switch by the Board Members)

a. A motion was made by Tommy Cook that we switch from Winchester Insurance
to Van Meter Insurance companies.
b. Second by: Jim Fluty.
c. President called for vote. Motion carried.

8. Treasurer Sammons then discussed A/R Aging Summary, dues collections, late fees etc. He is continuing to work with everybody on the list and is confident that all monies will be collected. President Myers added that we can get more confidence with membership by working with them instead of kicking them out the door.

9. Treasurer Sammons discussed the General Administrative expenditures and remainder of budget package passed out to board members. Todd Wilson asked about key fees and refunds.

10. Treasurer Sammons mentioned that if he writes one more check that goes over the budgeted amount, he will have to come to the board and amend the budget and suggest the areas to take it from etc. In that way, this body controls all spending. He also mentioned the $5,000.00 that treasurer can spend without approval in the by-laws. His response was to change that saying that you donít want the guy with the checkbook to have the approval to do whatever he wants. Todd Wilson mentioned that was put in to pay insurance, taxes and things like that. Todd Wilson made the motion to be on the safe side to go ahead and pay the Estill County Farm payment. Treasurer Sammons and President Myers added that the motion had already been made and passed.

11. Treasurer Sammons mentioned that he will always give the board a complete check register to show who he is paying and what for. He mentioned if you have a question, ask it, thatís how you keep honest people honest.

12. Bill Thiry discussed keeping a reserve fund. $7500.00 a year for reserve in the past. In this yearís budget do we have a line item for reserve contingency. There was much open discussion on this.

13. Ernie called for any questions on budget covered.

* Bill Thiry mentioned it was a very good Budget Report.

a. A Motion was made to accept and approve Treasurer Report by Jim Fluty
b. Second by: Bill Thiry
c. President called for vote to accept: Motion carried.

President Myers talked about road conditions and roadway improvements:

14. President Myers considers roads a high priority for club. Road conditions are one of the biggest eyesores that the club has. Where do we start? Tommy Cook suggested Miller Maintenance to look over and submit a bid. Bid was for 12,000.00, for basically just a roundabout and back up the hill. President Myers mentioned his experience, degree and that the bid was grossly off. President talked to him again and found several places that were not looked at and suggested starting over. Beginning of road at gate is where problem starts. He asked him to come through the gate, go all the way around, widen out at turn, come back up hill and cross in front of shed. If itís higher, so be it, we can break it down into different phases. In road condition, the critical part is the foundation or base. The new bid is $24,653.00. The parking side can be done in a phase two, if you want to do that. This is something that has been let go for year after year and we need to move on it. Tommy talked about the complete project which would have had two different bids. President Myers said he only received one bid. Bill Thiry brought up the dumpster problem with President Myers saying something would have to be done, maybe even moving to a different place on club grounds.

15. John asked for consideration for approval. What can we do or what do we want to do. It is a big step in re-imaging the Clark County Fish and Game Club.

16. Ernie mentioned it would be a budget amendment. It can change every month. Doing the whole project at one time would eat up a considerable amount of what is budgeted already.

17. Todd Wilson asked if john got a bid for required maintenance (resealing) over a period of time. President Myers mentioned that he did not.

18. A Motion was made to amend budget to do this project by Ernie Sammons.

a. It was asked if Tommy Cook knew anything about Miller Maintenance. His response was that they were recommended by Jonathan Campbell. Tommy felt it was a good price for all they are going to do.
b. President Myers said he was pretty impressed with Miller Maintenance himself.
c. President Myers asked guests for input on project and received a positive response.

d. Motion made by Ernie Sammons to include Maintenance items of $24,653.00 bid received from Miller Maintenance to pave from the gate on clubhouse side, the circle loop, the crossover section and add additional parking subject to excavation fixing drainage problems.

e. Second by: Tommy Cook
f. President called for vote. Motion carried.

* (After motion carried, Treasurer explained budget changes/expenditures to cover project).

Secretary Dewey Pope discussed By-Laws Revision Committee progression:

19. Secretary Pope briefed the By-Laws revisions adding that there will be a future meeting with the board for final approval. The committee will also solicit legal oversight to all changes.

President Myers discussed security building upgrades:

20. President Myers asked what we are faced with on the overall building conditions and upgrades? Bill Thiry mentioned that the roof is crumbling allowing moisture to come inside along with boards holding equipment falling off the walls. Bill Thiry also mentioned that we have new hardware to put in. President Myers asked Jonathan Campbell to look into and give us an opinion. Bill Thiry mentioned that all the stuff is capable of being run by phone. Tommy Cook suggested finding a solution to seal bldgs.

Jonathan Campbell discussed Monitors/AV Upgrade to Clubhouse:

21. Jonathan discussed installing 75Ē TV monitors and best sites to hang using articulating mounts. He hasnít worked on Audio yet. Prices could run between $1,000-$1,300 with brands and features determining costs. Looking at between $4,000-$5,000 overall. Universal remote was not priced in. Satellite Dish also discussed.

22. President Myers asked if there were any objections to doing this project. None. Jonathan mentioned that we gave right-away to AT&T for this property to bring us a fiber line which they havenít done. Rufus Cravens mentioned that fiber was run in water works road area but not to everyone. Jonathan is looking at other options. President Myers asked him to give us a detailed presentation on the project at next meeting.

President Myers discussed Dove Shoot report and assignments:

23. Discussion on turned ground. Treasurer Sammons to check with Bill Quisenberry. Need to find out how much ground we can have (1Ė5 acres) and need to turn. There is a lot of rock in that area. Todd Wilson mentioned that we donít have a tiller, can rent one if we have to. One of the highlights of club membership is dove shoot. President said it is going to happen. We are going to make it happen. President is counting on Ernie to get what permission we can get and start moving on it. Todd Wilson discussed buying better seed. What we donít use, we can store. Seed needs to go into ground no later than May 15, depending on seed, germination etc. Rufus Cravens mentioned to check also with Mr. Codell on chemicals.

Caretaker Rufus Cravens gave Caretaker Report:

a. A Motion was made to accept and approve Caretaker Report by Todd Wilson.
b. Second by: Jonathan Campbell
c. President called for vote: Motion carried.

President Myers discussed calls made to membership:

24. Going very well. Membership has been very responsive. Positive, no negative comments.

Roundtable Discussion:

a. Dewey Pope: Safety on Shotgun range.
b. Wayne Joslin: (1) Shares wanted list. Why are names coming off after a few days. Shouldnít names should stay on there indefinitely? Bill Thiry explained why names are coming off, PHP code is outdated. He mentioned several different day lengths that names stayed on and dropped off. Names are still there, not on the website but are on the database. There was a lot of discussion on this issue especially on understanding the code. Bill said he would look into and try to correct. (2) Booking clubhouse. Problems getting hold of lady booking clubhouse dates. President Myers asked Treasurer Sammons to look into.
c. Tommy Cook: (1) Heating Clubhouse. Reroute heat from upstairs to downstairs. (2). Upholstery. Get bids on upholstery around windows. Needs replacing.
d. Jonathan Campbell: (1) Electricity run to TV sites for Monitor project. (2) He cannot do March dinner, needs to trade months with another Director. Wayne Joslin to trade with him.
e. Todd Wilson: None
f. Bill Thiry: Are we still going to use Website for member records. Unfortunate that records are not complete only because of one little thing. Members deposits are not showing on website. Showing incomplete reports of members not paying their dues. In the past, the treasurer updated the records. Ernie asked for Bill to show him how to update and Bill agreed to show him how.
g. Mike Lowry: None
h. Jim Fluty: Will try to get in touch with Jody Mattingly at Hume Farm.
i. Ernie Sammons: None
j. John Myers: President talked to Ryan Burns about cleaning ramps and dumping silt etc. Ryan would donate his time and they would actually sump the sludge out and eliminate the problem. John to meet with Ryan for a detailed description and get quote.

President asked guests for any questions:

25. Guest asked about fishing and survey report. John mentioned that prelim report is rich with fish in this lake. Survey representatives will give report to board in March.

President called for adjournment:

a. A motion was made by Jonathan Campbell to adjourn.
b. Second by: Todd Wilson

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the March 02, 2020 Board meeting. Item 23, Dove Shoot section, was amended per board member request.

Copyright © 2001 Clark County Fish & Game Club, Inc. Unauthorized Use is Prohibited.