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Monday, January 13th, 2020
January 13, 2020.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM.

All Board Members were present.

Several guest members were present.

1. Secretary Dewey Pope read December 2019 Minutes report, consisting of December 09 meetings (2 sets of minutes, regular meeting and election of officers meeting) and December 18 Special Meeting. (There was a Budget Committee Meeting on 29 Dec with only 5 present).

a. A motion was made to accept and approve minutes.
b. Seconded. Motion carried.

2. Treasurer Ernie Sammons gave December Treasurer report.

a. A motion was made by Jim Fluty to accept and approve the December Treasurer report.
b. Second by: Tommy Cook. Motion carried.

Guest Presentation:

3. Kim Elkins made a presentation to the board on food running out at meetings, especially the Pot-Luck dinners. She put together a plan that would cover 100 to 120 people as the Pot-Luck dinners sometimes run out of food. Directors provide meat and Pot-Luck is brought in by members. She suggested adding one or two sides to make sure everybody was covered. She mentioned that she had contacted several vendors that could possibly provide some sides and also be used for catering certain dinners through the year. She also mentioned that any extra food can be donated to the Beacon of Hope Mission. She presented handouts on how to get in touch with her, to help us do fact finding for the meals, and also information on how to get in touch with the vendors for food and prices.

Old Business:

4. President Myers called for old business. No old business.

New Business:

5. President Myers called for new business: No new business

Club Business Discussion:

6. Registrar Tommy Cook brought up duck carcasses being dumped on both club and private property. Two duck carcasses were dumped on Doug Oliver’s private property. Tommy Cook suggested calling a meeting with the hunters to explain club rules to alleviate the problem. Caretaker Rufus Cravens mentioned that improper disposal of duck carcasses can be considered criminal littering. President Myers asked Rufus Cravens to keep a close watch on this.

7. Treasurer Ernie Sammons made a motion that all board members set an example by paying full annual dues just like the membership does.

a. Second by: Tommy Cook.

b. Discussion on motion. Randy Steagall mentioned that the board members do
lots of work on club grounds as well as administrative. He feels that there
should be some type of perk for all that board members do for the club.
Mike Lowry mentioned in 2003-04, the club was having trouble with people not
running for the board and that the free dues was used as incentive to get
more people to run. Todd Wilson mentioned that in 2014-15, same thing was
brought up, passed and was voted down at next meeting due to discrepancy of
original vote.

c. President called for vote. Motion carried.
(2) members voted No - Todd Wilson and Randy Steagall.

d. President Myers also asked that this be brought into by-laws for future reference
and that this take effect in 2020.

8. President Myers talked about implementing Membership Survey saying it’s not targeted at any one thing. Membership deserves to have opportunity to answer these surveys. Survey would start in 2020.

a. Treasurer Ernie Sammons made a motion to accept Membership Survey.
b. Second by: Registrar Tommy Cook.

c. Discussion: Mike Lowry brought up Emails being used for survey. President Myers brought up that some people do not have computer capabilities. Ernie Sammons talked about the positive responses to Membership contacts assigned to each board members. Bill Thiry brought up possibly using a script for calls to members. It was decided to not use a script. Bill Thiry also suggested using Blind Carbon Copy emails to be sent out whenever we communicate with the members on all correspondence. Secretary Dewey Pope brought up member’s questions about minutes not being posted soon enough. It was discussed to go ahead and post minutes as not approved yet until approved by board members at next meeting. Minutes could then be amended to say approved.

d. Treasurer Ernie Sammons amended motion to send survey out subject to board approval.
e. President called for vote. Motion carried.

* (1st survey to be sent by mail as we do not have a complete database of emails).

9. Guest asked about Board Meetings being held in-private. President Myers emphasized that no meetings would be held in-private, or behind closed doors, by this board. Will not happen with this President.

10. President Myers talked about a different date for the board meeting. Not on the same night as the dinner. He asked for nights agreeable to all. Several nights discussed.

a. Jonathan Campbell made motion to meet the 1st Monday each month.
b. Second by: Todd Wilson.

c. Discussion: Randy Steagall asked if after meeting tonight would we meet again before the next regular meeting in February. President Myers mentioned there would be a month to catch up on initially, but it would work out. With this change, the next board meeting would be at 6:00 PM on February 3rd.

d. President called for vote. Motion carried.

11. President Myers talked about Aquatic Control results. There are improvements to be made but not to do with fish, more with structure etc. Representative will be here on March 9th, 2020 to make his presentation to the board.

12. President Myers talked about Dove Fields. Treasurer Ernie Sammons has set aside money for Dove Hunt and budget figures but not approved yet. The membership Survey should show a big response to that. He talked about putting in amounts that we know about and overhead on Maintenance and ideas etc. We need to get membership response.

13. President Myers talked about repair and resurfacing of road down to launch ramp. Blacktop plan probably not possible to get until Spring. Wayne Joslin asked question about drainage on road down to ramp. Todd Wilson mentioned that he was so busy last fall that he could not get to it. President talked about contractors and prices. Road and parking spaces need to be black topped. He asked if there was any opposition to making repairs to road as we have to take care of our property. President Myers said we would get estimates in and he would ask board to be prepared to make decision next month. There will be ample money in budget to approve.

14. President Myers talked about guest speakers at future club dinners. Need to be public service personnel. By doing this hopefully we can build more attendance to dinners.

15. Jonathan Campbell talked about monitors in clubhouse. He talked about drop down screen, angles of projectors, lighting, audio, microphones, speakers, lockable rack and location of monitors, etc. He will talk to us later about what we need on this proposal. Jonathan Campbell can move forward with this project.

16. President Myers talked about Spring fish fry and Fall Pig Roast. Swap meet, parking lot auction, competition archery event, veteran fishing day, new flag pole project, and wounded warriors were also some ideas for special events. President asked for approval to move forward with special events and for Vice-President Wayne Joslin, as Special Events Coordinator to start looking at. There were no objections to follow up on these events and should be good public service for the club.

17. Caretaker Rufus Cravens gave the Caretaker Report.

a. Rufus to be gone for 2 weeks starting on Jan 15.
b. Motion made by Todd Wilson to approve Caretaker Report.
c. Second by: Bradley Wall.
d. President called for vote. Motion carried.

Meeting Dates for 2020:

Jan – John Myers – Director’s choice.
Feb – Ernie Sammons – Pot Luck
Mar – Jonathan Campbell – Director’s choice
April – Bill Thiry -Pot Luck
May – Randy Steagall – Director’s Choice
June - Mike Lowry – Pot Luck
July – Bradley Wall – Director’s Choice
Aug - Jim Fluty – Pot Luck
Sep – Dewey Pope – Director’s Choice
Oct – Wayne Joslin – Pot Luck
Nov – Tommy Cook – Director’s Choice
Dec – Todd Wilson – Pot Luck

Roundtable Discussion:

18. Discussion about WMU and our relationship with them and upcoming lease contracts.

19. Todd Wilson asked about Budget Approval Meeting for 2020. Treasurer Ernie Sammons talked about not approving a budget until after survey sent out. Todd Wilson asked about going thru budget line by line for approval as has been done in past.

a. Discussion on Budget: Treasurer Ernie Sammons talked about his plan for budget. We can approve what we have now or wait until survey goes out. He explained budget process and how it can change.
b. Treasurer Ernie Sammons agreed to go through budget line expenses.
c. After going through the budget line expenses, Ernie made a motion to approve budget by drawing a line between the 2019 unfinished maintenance and approve the budget for everything above that line for just the overhead leaving the 53,465.22 to be determined with a portion of that having to go to maintenance and then use the survey to figure out what the priority should be based on what the membership wants.
d. Seconded by Randy Steagall. President called for vote. Motion carried.

* (After motion carried, Treasurer Ernie Sammons mentioned that we would have to sit down and look at this budget again in March or April after surveys come in).

20. President Myers called for motion to adjourn meeting.

a. Motion made by Todd Wilson to adjourn.
b. Second by: Randy Steagall. President called for vote. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and were officially accepted and approved at the February 03, 2020 Board Meeting. Item 8, Sec c, was amended per board member request.

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