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Sunday, December 29th, 2019
CCFGC Budget Committee Meeting Minutes
29 December 2019
5 Members present: John Myers, President; Ernie Sammons, Treasurer; Tommy Cook Registrar; Dewey Pope, Secretary and Jim Fluty, Board Member.
Ernie Sammons prepared meal and served at 1:15 PM

Meeting started at 1:30 PM

Club Treasurer Ernie Sammons presented his Budget Vision for 2020.

1. Profits & Losses and total transparency to the budget:

2. What is a budget and why do we need it?

a. Planned spending over 12 months with finite resources.
b. Accountability
c. Control spending and limit to club goals.
d. Review budget worksheets.

3. Long-Term plans using membership survey’s:

a. Some projects will last more than 12 months and will require multiple budget periods to complete. This board will in effect be spending future boards resources. To do this, we need to have membership buy-in and consent.

4. Financial Statements:

a. Balance Sheet.
b. Profits & loss
c. P&L Comparison to previous year and budget.
d. Check Registers.
e. What else do you want to see to help make informed decisions?

5. Use of Committees made up of board members and members at large to complete the tasks of this board.

a. Finance & Budget
b. Audit & Oversight
c. Properties
d. Membership/membership services
e. Sportsmen’s (Hunting & Fishing)
f. Shooting Sport’s
g. Community Outreach
h. Youth Committee

6. We have 500 Members with diverse skill sets, knowledge and experience. If we tap this resource, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Worksheet for 2020 Budget Discussion (to be finalized and presented to full Board later).

1 Gutters on Clubhouse - $3000.00
2. Roads to Ramps – 30,000.00 - Estimates are being prepared
3. Duck Blinds
4. Clean Fireplace - $300.00
5. Road Management - $2000.00
6. Boat Ramps (Cleaning out) – Dewey to get estimate – Ryan Burns
7. Clean tree line on Clubhouse side - $500.00
8. Fix Flag Pole beside Clubhouse – John Myers to look into
9. TV Monitors and Audio Visual – Retractable Screen (behind Podium) + Monitors + Projector
10. Cable/Satellite TV – Direct TV – get estimate on pick and choose channels.
11. Awning over outside Grill - $1000.00
12. Shed for Rufus Cravens
13. Docks and Walkway Railings – Handicap Access?
14. Gate Houses – Replace or Repair?
15. Strip Clubhouse floor and re-wax _ $600.00
16. Ice Maker – Ernie to check with Cworth
17. Lighting in Clubhouse LED
18. Fence Repairs
19. Gutter on house at Estill County
20. Outside Spigot
21. Wi-Fi for members & renters – get estimate (Fiber Optic)
22. Youth Fishing Day – Cost and Income
23. Dove Shoot - $2500.00
24. Aquatic Control - $2000.00? Do we want to continue yearly or bi-yearly?
25. Taxes on all properties owned
26. Club Liability Insurance
27.Estill County Debt Assessment - $25,100.00

The above were all discussed with some not having costs until researched. The estimated unofficial budget costs of $42,151.00 will be further discussed and finalized with the entire board as this was only an exploratory discussion on the on the upcoming 2020 Clark County Fish and Game Club Budget.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.

Budget Committee Meeting Minutes prepared by Club Secretary Dewey Pope and presented in highlighted form at the CCFGC dinner January 13, 2020. Being that this was a committee meeting, with only five members present, the minutes did not require an acceptance and approval at the board meeting on January 13, 2020. The Minutes are presented here for informational purposes only.

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