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Wednesday, December 18th, 2019
Clark County Fish and Game Club Special Meeting Minutes

Dec 18, 2019

Special Meal prepared by Ernie Sammons.

Guests: Dudley Taylor, Brad Myers and Jamie Pope.

Meal started at 6:11 PM.

Meeting started at 6:27 PM

1. Club President: John Myers stated meeting not official, only to get acquainted with each other and understand the mission of the 2020 board. John presented the following:

a. Board of Directors: Who are we? What are our responsibilities and what is expected of us? To what level of accountable should we be held? What are our strengths and weaknesses?
b. Transparency: Interaction and getting to know shareholders. Face to face conversations with membership. Utilizing emails, phone calls and text messages to communicate. Inviting membership to take part in committees. Election reforms to take place in 2020.
c. Priorities: Questionnaire to shareholders (membership). Identifying and prioritizing projects. Short and Long term goals.
d. Assets: Identify and evaluate. Discuss ideas for future development and growth opportunities.
e. Budget: Workshop and Budget planning and identifying areas of concern.

2. Club Treasurer: Ernie Sammons spoke on checks and balances and audit committee.

a. Ernie introduced Dudley Taylor to be his oversight, looking over his shoulder for transparency on budget.
b. Dudley Taylor was CFO for Peoples Bank and has been a CPA for years in the Winchester Community. He has considerable experience in finances.
c. Dudley mentioned that he had not seen membership list yet but would look at it. As long as membership is served there should be no problems. He mentioned that the majority of income was pretty well controlled and that he would check monthly statements and expenditures etc. He will have oversight to make sure all finances work efficiently and honestly.
d. Dudley also mentioned that Estill County was not an asset with no income, not realizing that much money being put into it. Cost of insurance etc.
e. Dudley talked dues and expenditures with lots of cash that is prepaid. Tommy Cook mentioned multiple accounts being used in the past and that he, as treasurer, preferred only having one main account.
f. Dudley discussed caretaker and whether or not he is on club payroll.
g. Dudley also discussed Secretary notes as being important for money expenditures.
h. Dudley asked about the average age of club members. Talked about the life of the club depending on younger members.

3. Club President John Myers took the floor again and mentioned handouts that he gave to board members. Talked about feedback from members on his handout.

a. We need to mend fences.
b. We should, as directors, assist elderly members at the dinners to their seats etc. Be proactive at all meetings. Make sure the members know who we are.
c. Each director will get 40 to 42 names with challenge to make contact with them and find out their concerns, ideas and encourage their suggestions to make club better. Dewey Pope will assign names to directors from membership list for their contact list.
d. Quarterly newsletter, in the IT format, can be a possibility for future communication as well as texting and emails.
e. Constant contact with members will be very important. Proactive on needs of club, ramps, fishing and hunting.
f. Create appreciation responses for membership dues and having new members come to meetings to be introduced to club. Welcome them with sincerity.
g. John discussed possibility of changing meeting nights. The board will discuss this further at a later date.
h.John also mentioned that Aquatic Control will give report around first of March and he feels that it will be a good one.

4. Club Vice President Wayne Joslin asked about finances. Control on spending, limits, caps etc. contacting membership for approval on high expenditures.

5. Bylaws to be looked at in layman terms so as to be interpreted in understandable terms etc. Dudley to talk to Bill Pumphrey to assist on rewriting Bylaws.

6. Club Treasurer Ernie Sammons mentioned creating a property committee.

7. Club President John Myers made the following assignments for the directors:

a. Web Page – Bill Thiry and assistant to be chosen.
b. Grounds – Tommy Cook (Club Registrar)
c. Building – Delegate to Rufus Cravens (caretaker)
d. Security Gate - Tommy Cook with Bill Thiry to help on passwords.
e. Waterfowl - Ernie Sammons and John Myers.
f. Washington County Farm – Jim Fluty
g. Estill County Farm – no assignment made.
h. By-Laws Committee – Wayne Joslin, Dewey Pope with help from Bill Pumphrey
I. Audio-Visual Technology – John Myers and Jonathan Campbell.
j. Lake – Mike Lowry
k. Finances – Ernie Sammons (Club Treasurer)
l. Roads – Todd Wilson
m. Boats – John Myer
n. Caretaker – John Myers to work with Rufus Cravens on his responsibilities etc.
o. Safe Access – Tommy Cook has combination
p. Club Activities and Events – Wayne Joslin
q. Photographer – Dewey Pope (Club Secretary)
r. Historian – Bill Thiry with any help that can be given.
s. Kim Elkins – Check with her for ideas and suggestions etc.
t. WMU Committee – To be readdressed and reformed with Ernie Sammons, Dewey Pope, Wayne Joslin as leads.
u. Handicap issues on Ramps and buildings – to be addressed at a later date.
v. Shareholder Questionaire – Dewey Pope
w. 2020 Election Committee Reform– Wayne Joslin and Dewey Pope

8. Club Treasurer: Ernie Sammons suggested having no Board Members on the 2020 election committee ballot process etc.

9. Club Treasurer: Ernie Sammons mentioned there will a Budget Meeting upcoming soon with a workshop format.

10. Motion presented on floor:

a. Motion: At a board meeting of the Clark County Fish & Game Club, Inc. (CCFGC – FEIN 61-0157852) held on December 18, 2019, Dewey Pope made the motion to authorize that, Ernie Sammons, Treasurer and John Myers, President be added as signatory to the corporation’s deposit banking accounts kept at Citizen’s Bank of Kentucky located at 695 Bullion Blvd., Winchester, KY. The account numbers the officers are to be added to are 21052212 & 2105139. Both Officer’s shall have the ability to sign checks, make deposits, view accounts electronically and perform any other normal banking activity associated with these accounts.

b. Dewey Pope further moves that, S. Dudley Taylor CPA, Chairman of CCFGC Audit and Oversight Committee shall have the authority and ability to monitor both checking accounts mentioned and all accounts opened after the date of this motion. Mr. Taylor shall also have the authority and be permitted to make direct inquiries of Citizen’s Bank of Kentucky.

c. Motion seconded by Jim Fluty.
d. Motion Carried.

11. Motion: Jon Campbell made motion to adjourn Meeting.

a. Motion Second: Wayne Joslin
b. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.

Minutes prepared by CCFGC Secretary Dewey Pope and approved January 13, 2020.

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